June 23, 2014
Watch Italy Vs. Uruguay Football Live Stream Free, World Cup

If you watch Italy vs. Uruguay football live, you are in for some drama, as both teams try to move on to the round of 16. Group D has been one of the biggest surprises of the 2014 World Cup, because Costa Rica -- the most unlikely team -- is currently leading and already qualified for the next round.

Nobody thought that the weakest link in the group would actually be the leader. Costa Rica was supposed to be a non-factor in a group that includes three past World Cup champions, but the Central American team turned the tables on the big guns and is now sitting pretty on their way to the knockout rounds.

With England already out of the tournament, those who watch Italy vs. Uruguay live can expect a fierce fight from both teams. This is a decisive match that will determine who the number two team in Group D is and who will face Colombia in the next round.

Costa Rica forced both teams to get a win in their last encounter, and England was the victim in the end. Italy only needs a draw to keep going, but Uruguay must win if they want to get anywhere near their excellent performance in 2010, when they reached the semifinals.

This has been the tale of two teams, as Costa Rica was far superior when facing both Italy and Uruguay. However, the four-time champion and South Americans did well against the not-so-shabby England. Now it's time to show what they are all about in the head to head.

Fans who watch Italy vs. Uruguay live from Fortaleza will be able to judge if the aging Uruguay is up to the challenge. They looked tired and out of energy during the Costa Rica match, where the weather conditions were brutal.

Italy was similarly outdone by Costa Rica, and the sauna that was Recife finally caught up with the Azzurri later in the match. The conditions will be just as hot when Italy takes the field against Uruguay on Tuesday.

Last year, in the Confederations Cup, Italy suffered with the 90-degree heat and extreme humidity. De Rossi stated they "were dying from the heat."

Italian captain, goalie Gianluigi Buffon, said that the team will evaluate their condition after the last practice and discounted how the weather is affecting them compared to Uruguay, "the climate is the same for all of our opponents."

You can watch Italy vs. Uruguay live, in one of the most exciting matches of the groups round here. Kick off is at 12 pm ET at Estadio das Dunas, Natal.

[Image via Twitter, YiAN Kourt / Shutterstock.com]