June 23, 2014
Kate Middleton On New Diet: Hopes 'Radiant Skin' Results From Strict New Eating Habits

Kate Middleton, who already stunned royal-watchers by dropping her baby weight and narrowing her figure to a svelte size six within just five weeks of giving birth to Prince George, has adopted a trendy new diet that she hopes will lead to even further drops in dress-size, and just as importantly, grace her with "radiant skin," sources close to the British royals told a newspaper.

The 32-year-old Kate was reportedly a healthy size 10 when she was an avid athlete at St. Andrews University. But by the time of her marriage to Prince William she dropped to a size eight and is now believed to be a six.

Royal sources told Britain's Daily Mail that the Duchess of Cambridge has now jumped on the "raw food" bandwagon in hopes of dropping even further, and also improving her already widely-admired complexion.

"Kate already has the perfect figure but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin," a source identified as a friend of Kate Middleton told the newspaper.

Raw food diets are believed to contain more vitamins and minerals than cooked foods which see nutrients burned away in the heating process. Beauty experts claim that hair, fingernails and skin all become stronger and more attractive as a result of a raw food eating regime.

Raw foods that are said to especially promote "radiant skin" include raw blueberries, mango -- which can be blended into a tasty smoothie -- walnuts, nori (a kind of edible seaweed), and dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale.

But according to the royal sources, Kate Middleton has already developed an affinity for the popular Latin American dish ceviche, which consists mainly of raw seafood marinated in tangy lemon and lime juice.

Other items currently being consumed by the Duchess on her new raw food diet include watermelon salads, gazpacho, goji berries, tabbouleh, and almond milk.

The Daily Mail's royal correspondent points out that raw food diets are also believed to promote increased fertility, "prompting Royal observers to wonder whether Kate will be again be sporting an altogether different kind of glow soon," the Mail writes.

While Kate Middleton's regular public appearances make news almost every day, she is expected to be an even greater focus of public attention than usual starting today, June 23, as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships get underway.

Royals are regular attendees at the annual pro tennis tournament, the sport's most prestigious. According to celebrity fashion expert Alex Longmore, the list of female celebrities expected to turn up in the stands at Wimbledon -- including such show biz luminaries as Shakira, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, and Diana Ross -- will all be looking to emulate the look displayed by Kate Middleton as she takes her seat above center court.