June 23, 2014
Mariah Carey Is Getting Old And Fat, Complains Husband Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is either 44 or 45-years-old (sources are not agreed) and second husband Nick Cannon is reportedly not happy with the way she looks. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that there is a 12-year age gap between them. He's younger.

It's a big problem if you're both a woman and a celebrity where image is everything, often ahead of actual talent and ability. And it's not as if Mariah hasn't had some work done to try to maintain a youthful appearance, but time always marches on inexorably.

Mariah has been working hard to try to combat the impression that she is somehow middle-aged by doing extraordinary things like riding the subway or going to the playground in a ballgown – both of which she has done recently, according to the CelebDirtyLaundry website.

Nick Cannon sounded off to Star magazine about his wife's antics, and reportedly told her straigh-up that she looked absolutely ridiculous. He also was reported to have told her that the fans are right to make fun of her, and that it's time to dress her age and act with a bit of class.

Unnamed sources report that, naturally, Mariah was furious that Nick would talk to her like that, but it's really not so surprising since the rumor mill claims that the marriage is on the rocks, and divorce is not too far away. What is even more hurtful is that Mariah Carey really does believe that she looks good, even though a girlfriend of her's recently posted a photo of Mariah from 1997, and tried to claim it was a current picture.

Nick actually accused his wife of having no fashion sense and dressing like a "hot mess." He thinks she should find a stylist who can turn her into a really class act. But it all depends on Mariah. Does she see herself as others see her?

Mariah Carey's life and career and have been something like a rollercoaster, with high highs, and low lows. This period is not exactly a highpoint, especially if the rumors about her relationship with Nick are true.

But, not too many relationships will survive a husband telling his wife that she is fat and looks old. So, sadly, is the writing on the wall for Mariah Carey? Hopefully not.