June 23, 2014
Shelter Dog Scared To Move, Huddles In Corner Of His Kennel Desperate To Hide

A shelter dog is so scared, he's unable to move at an animal adoption facility in Bedford, Kentucky. Russell's story is beginning to gain a bit of traction since his situation is so dire at a high-kill shelter. He's currently held at Carroll County Animal Shelter and is one of seven dogs surrendered by the same owner.

UPDATE 6/23/14: Russell has been saved, thanks to so much support for this dog, Examiner reveals.

A stirring report by Examiner reveals that the Shepherd-looking mix is so frightened, his "true personality" is undetermined because no one at the shelter has been able to evaluate his behavior. It's unclear if the dog is fearful by nature or if he's a friendly, playful, dog. Does he enjoy chasing after balls, splashing in the water, or engaging in other activities dogs tend to like? No one knows.

As Examiner explains, the director of animal support for the shelter facility says Russell literally will not move away from his corner. All seven dogs that were dropped off at the facility are in need of homes, but Russell is taking this ordeal the hardest. He's so crippled with fear, it makes him most vulnerable to being put down if a suitable forever home isn't found for him. As of Saturday morning, no one has shown an interest in adopting the desperate canine.

On top of Russell being a complete mystery, Carroll County Animal Shelter is located in a rural area with few visitors. The adoption rate is low and animals there have less opportunity to find new homes than those of busier shelters.

Russell's Facebook thread has over 381 Likes and 2,054 Shares. Nearly 200 comments have been made so far on this shelter dog that's too scared to move from the corner of his kennel.

A pledge on Facebook by one commenter has reach $167 so far in an effort to save Russell and the six other dogs he was surrendered with by the owner. According to the post's message, Russell is under 2-years-old.

Concerned animal lovers are taking these dogs' plights seriously, especially Russell's. They all have limited time in finding their forever homes, but Russell will have the hardest time.

Anyone with questions, or who can offer to help this scared dog, is asked to email: ccas2002@gmail.com.

You can also contact a volunteer at 502-732-6040. If no one answers, be sure to leave a message with the name of the dog you're interested in along with your phone number.

Hopefully Russell will get the home he deserves with loving owners who are the right for him. This dog heavily depends on getting all the help he can.

[Image via Tammie Crawford Facebook]