June 29, 2017
Miley Cyrus: 'Something About Mary' Hair And No Top In Selfie Causes Controversy (Again)

Miley Cyrus did a Something About Mary hairstyle and took off her top for a new selfie that has people talking this week. According to NewsOXY, Cyrus gelled up her hair to look like Cameron Diaz's character in the popular 90's film. Naturally, the humor in the film occurred when Diaz's character got semen in her hair and caused it to stand up on top of her head. Cyrus likely did not use semen to style her short 'do, but you never know.

Interestingly enough, it does not seem like Miley was trying to pull off the well-known Diaz look. She used the hashtag "Alfalfa," which is a character from a totally different movie (The Little Rascals). Therefore, people talking about the hairstyle and how it is super inappropriate might have Miley all wrong. The rest of the picture, however, is still up for debate.

If Miley Cyrus was going for There's Something About Mary, she achieved the look and then some... but why wouldn't she just come out and say that? Miley isn't known for keeping her mouth shut, so chances are, she didn't even realize that her hair looked like this:

Miley Cyrus
Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary"

Miley has been posting plenty of questionable selfies on Instagram lately. Many believe that her new-found self is the reason that her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, left her. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cyrus seems to be writing songs about her ex, many of which accuse him of walking out of her life. The songs "Wrecking Ball" and "Last Goodbye" are both rumored to be ex-anthems. The Miley of 2014 is very different from the Miley of 2012... and if that is why Liam left, that is not his fault. Miley would want to find someone that loves the "real" her anyway, right?

Speaking of the "real" Miley, what do you think of her transformation from the sweet-hearted country girl to, well, this:

It is definitely not an easy adjustment to make, but Miley is happy with it, so that's all that matters... Now, if you visit Miley's Twitter page, you'll notice her breasts -- with her nipples covered in sparkly star pasties -- essentially staring you in the face. Evidently she is trying to tell the world something. What do you think that might be?

Do you like Miley Cyrus now? Do you think that her self-expression is awesome, or has she gone too far?

[Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus / Instagram & ICYDK.com]