June 18, 2014
After Redskins’ Trademark Canceled, #NewRedskinsName Becomes Twitter Game

Earlier today, a landmark ruling canceled six federal trademarks held by the Washington Redskins, with a U.S. Patent Office board finding that the term was considered offensive when the initial issuance occurred.

Over on Twitter, the Redskins ruling -- one which the team is very likely to appeal and is unlikely to cause an immediate name change -- was the subject of much discussion... and joking.

As Redskins fans and Twitter users tweeted about the ruling, the hashtag game #NewRedskinsName was born. And, as you can imagine, the tweets sent under it aren't exactly politically correct.

Political correctness was largely at issue in many of the Tweets, where users opined that the move was overly sensitive:

Others joked that it was a long overdue update:Others felt the decision was a result of government overreach, chiming in:Still more people genuinely tried to suggest a new name for the Redskins under the #NewRedskinsName hashtag, adding:Some thought the change was one NFL fans shouldn't hold their breath for:However, this tweet:... may suggest that calls for a #NewRedskinsName are premature, as the team may not choose to rename despite the major ruling regarding their trademark issued this morning.

What do you think of the #NewRedskinsName debate?