June 29, 2017
Woman Stabs Two Pit Bulls To Death: Was It Self-Defense?

A woman from Southern California stabbed two pit bulls to death while she was out walking on Wednesday last week after they attacked her German Shepherds.

The brave dog owner, Debbie Duran, and a friend, were walking the three dogs in Apple Valley when the two pit bulls escaped from their enclosure and viciously attacked Duran's friend and dog.

Duran said: "They had one thing in mind and that was to possibly kill me, to definitely kill my dogs," adding that she always carries a knife on her person for protection when out with her dogs.

Kathy Suggs, the owner of the dogs which were killed, said that there was no need for Duran to have gone so far as to kill her two dogs, Angel and JoJo:

"She's just here stabbing like a wild, mad lady. I can't even reach in to get the dog because she's swinging the knife," Suggs said.

Even though Suggs did admit that something had to be done after the pit bulls' escape from the garage where they were kept, she claims that Duran overacted:

"This lady was walking around, I think, with the intent to kill the dog. Who walks around with a butcher knife? We all walk our dogs around here."

Wow, really? Duran is a serial dog murderer just because she carried a knife around for protection? In this instance it's just as well she did have the knife on her; imagine how much worse things would have been if she hadn't.

In fact, sheriff's deputies agreed that Duran acted with reasonable force, and in self-defense, and even allowed her to keep the knife after the incident. On top of that, Suggs was fined $200 for letting her dogs go loose.

Do you think Debbie Duran was acting in self-defense when she killed Kathy Suggs' two dogs or was her use of force disproportionate in your opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments feed below.