April 28, 2014
Julie Schenecker Trial: Did She Kill Her Kids For Being 'Mouthy'?

Julie Schenecker, a Tampa military wife is accused of shooting to death her two teenage children and is about to stand trial for the double murder.

At the time of the fatal shooting, Schenecker had been receiving treatment for a still unknown medical condition. According to an arrest affidavit, Schenecker shot her 13-year-old son in the head twice, killing him.

The reason she gave, when questioned for shooting her son, was "for talking back" while they were in the family car on their way to his soccer practice. Schenecker then allegedly returned home and shot her 16-year-old daughter in the face while she studied at her computer.

Laura McElroy - with the Tampa Police Department - told reporters: "She did tell us that they talked back, that they were mouthy. But I don't think that will ever serve as an explanation to the rest of us of how you could take a child's life."

As the trial commences, many questions are going to be asked about the brutal killings as jurors are to be presented with the image of an attentive colonel's wife who attended her kid's soccer games but also purchased the gun with which she killed them the weekend before the shootings.

Jurors will then have the grueling task of ascertaining who is the real Julie Schenecker. A woman who struggled with an undiagnosed mental condition, which led her to kill her children, or a woman who planned and executed a premeditated family massacre.

Even though prosecutors aren't seeking the death penalty for Schenecker if she does get convicted she could face life behind bars with no option for parole. If, on the other hand, she is found not guilty, by reason of insanity, the judge would most likely have her committed to a mental institution.

Jury selection began today, and the trial is set to commence at the beginning of next week.