April 28, 2014
Matt Damon Rumored To Star As Aquaman In Justice League Movie

Let's be honest, the Justice League movie franchise has been one of the most anticipated in some time. DC and Warner Bros have decided to introduce the new Batman and Wonder Woman in Man of Steel 2: Batman vs Superman. This will set up the Justice League, set to star the entire original crew.

While characters such as The Green Arrow have all but been confirmed, we know Superman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, and of course Aquaman will be part of the movie in some fashion. The issue is DC knows that they need to have either big stars to fill certain roles or they need to build up a star through a movie. This is why they are bringing in Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel 2 and Ben Affleck is of course playing Batman in the movie as well.

This is a big concept, yet who would play those characters who are either lesser known, not as prominent, or less beloved? Chris Pine is in talks to play Flash (also set for a CW TV series using another actor), but the biggest potential signing rumor is Matt Damon playing Aquaman currently. It's said that Matt Damon's star is big enough to make Aquaman a big part of the series and there would not need to be a movie starring him alone to make him work as the character.

The Wrap first reported this, saying: "One casting rumor that has been circulating around Hollywood for more than a year is that Affleck's close friend and collaborator Matt Damon is being sought to play Aquaman."

Obviously Affleck would love to have Damon come in the movie playing a good role. Aquaman has been sort of panned by many comic book lovers, but many loved what the video game "Injustice" did with him. Most feel if that type of Aquaman were to be present in Justice League, it could be amazing.

While other characters have all but been confirmed to be part of the Justice League franchise, we know Aquaman will need to be a major fixture in the franchise. A big star like Matt Damon could carry the burden of this role well if they are able to get him. He is also big enough to look like a superhero type, which works for an Aquaman that needs to look good to come off well.

Will we see the standard Orange and Green that makes the Aquaman character comic book-like? It is uncertain. We know a movie is being written and that once Batman/Superman is over, Affleck and the crew will head over to make Justice League. Casting would need to be done within the next couple of months to make sure all people are ready to start.

While Damon playing Aquaman may seem like a good concept to many, The Wrap also claims rumors claim Jason Momoa is also in talks for the role.

Obviously Matt Damon is a far bigger name who could bring a lot to the Aquaman character, where as Momoa would not be bad, but would not be big enough, name-wise, to draw well with the character. It is said that DC would like to make a stand alone movie with Aquaman, only if they see success with him in Justice League. Obviously Damon would bring in numbers for the box office, so he would be DC's first choice.

Zack Synder has told fans that he wants to make an entirely different movie, and wants to escape the "Superfriends" type of vibe we saw in the past. So I'd expect him to make a Justice League film similar to Man of Steel that really gets you to know the characters and understand why they are doing something. If Justice League is anything like Man of Steel, then we could be in for a lot of fun.

Either way, most roles need to be filled soon. Whether Damon plays Aquaman or not is up in the air, all we know for now is that it is rumored. And really, aren't rumors always fun to look into?