June 29, 2017
Sandra Bullock May Reprise Her Role As Agent Gracie Hart For A Television Series

Sandra Bullock is soon expected to grace the TV screen as Agent Gracie Hart from the popular Miss Congeniality Movie Series.

It has been almost a decade and a half (13 Years) since Sandra played an FBI Agent in the comedy film series Miss Congeniality. However, this hasn't stopped her from continually thinking about reviving the character, indicated an industry insider who has worked closely with the celebrity, "[Sandra] is planning on producing a comedic TV version of her smash movie series Miss Congeniality that's being described as Bridesmaids Meets 24," he reportedly told RadarOnline. However, he refused to be named for confidentiality reasons.

Despite the seemingly long gap, Sandra is confident of being readily accepted as Agent Gracie Hart as she has continued to research for the role, added the source, "Sandra loved her Miss Congeniality FBI agent character Gracie Hart and the concept so much that for years she has continued to keep up friendships with FBI agents she met while researching it," quoted the Examiner

However, it is interesting to note that this time around, Sandra won't play the part herself, but is looking for the perfect persona who can mix the confidence and brashness of an FBI agent with the feminine charm of a beauty pageant contestant.

The original story line of Miss Congeniality consists of a radical transformation that Sandra Bullock undergoes to participate in an undercover investigation to nab a killer. Sandra goes from being a rough, tomboy FBI agent to a sweltering beauty who is planted in the Miss United States Pageant as a participating contestant since a threat is clearly indicated by the perpetrator known only as the 'Citizen'. From being a rough–n–tough FBI Agent Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock transforms into a sensuous 'Gracie Lou Freebush', a name she specifically despises.

Sandra is no stranger to the world of the Law. Quite recently she played the role of an overbearing and curt FBI agent alongside comedian Melissa McCarthy in The Heat. The actress is quite proficient at generating side splitting laughs as well as achieving excellent comic timing with her screen presence. The duo in The Heat are quite reminiscent of yesteryear comedians Laurel and Hardy.

Sandra's love and respect for the Uniform is equally reciprocated with the actress continually writing to and getting responded from real FBI agents, especially the female ones. Accordingly, she feels it is now time to reintroduce the story to a new generation.

If these speculations turn true, it will be Sandra Bullock's second project as 'Producer'. Sandra has proved her prowess as an effective producer with The George Lopez Show. Coincidentally, Sandra has also produced multiple films in which has starred including the Miss Congeniality series, The Proposal, Hope Floats and others. Will this endeavor be equally appreciated?

[Image Credit | What Culture]