June 29, 2017
Taco Bell Sends Mysterious 'Breakfast Phone' To 1,000 People [Photos]

Taco Bell definitely knows how to put together a publicity stunt.

The fast food chain is preparing to unveil its breakfast menu later this month. To get the buzz going about its foray into the most important meal of the day, Taco Bell sent approximately 1,000 mysterious phones to people they knew would spread the good word about the additions.

According to Digiday, Taco Bell carefully figured out the most influential fast food-oriented people on the internet. Once these individuals were properly identified, the company sent so-called "breakfast phones" to these folks in hopes that they would share the experience on social media. Guess what? It worked.

Taco Bell dropped the phones off in seven cities across the United States. Once the phones were officially delivered, the company communicated with people who might use them wisely. Since so many people felt left out -- this writer can't help but battle pangs of jealousy while writing this article -- the chain intends to disperse even more phones to give people a shot at participating in the campaign.

Brand Eating reports that the Taco Bell "breakfast phone" is essentially a pre-paid "burner" phone that sends messages about contests to those who were lucky enough to acquire one. The website likened the quest for prizes to something out of Mission: Impossible, except with more gastrointestinal objectives.

Website contributor Q explained:

"So far the missions are delivered throughout the day (and night) via pre-recorded messages and revolve around social media with prompts like "Tweet which Taco Bell breakfast item are you into" and "Where would you rather have a new Taco Bell Waffle Taco a beach in sunny California or in NYC?" with 4-hours to complete each task."

Taco Bell will launch its new breakfast menu worldwide on March 27. Although the company is offering up stuff like the A.M. Crunchwrap with Bacon and Cinnabon Delights, the restaurant's Waffle Taco is definitely the centerpiece. According to ABC News, the foodstuff is definitely worth checking out if you're into this sort of thing.

"So, here's the verdict: it's exactly what you think it will be. The waffle is bready and slightly sweet, the sausage is well-seasoned with some spice and the eggs are fluffy, if flavorless, with salty, melted cheese on top for kicks," the outlet explained.

Did you receive one of the Taco Bell "breakfast phones"? Are you planning to check out the chain's new items on March 27?

[Image via Taylor Strategy]