February 26, 2014
Ariana Grande: Nominated For Kids' Choice Awards

Ariana Grande makes headlines today for being nominated in the Kids' Choice Awards. However, Grande wasn't nominated for what you might think. Instead of being nominated for "Favorite Female Singer", she was nominated for "Favorite TV Actress." Before Grande became famous for her music, she started acting on Nickelodeon's Victorious. It makes sense that Grande gets nominated for her role in Victorious considering that its a Nickelodeon show.

Unfortunately Ariana Grande didn't make the cut for "Favorite Female Singer", but from the nominees for that category. Grande's competition was pretty tough. The other nominees were Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. The only major difference between Grande, and the rest of the nominees is that they have been working in the music industry just a bit longer than she has, but at least Ariana knows that her Nickelodeon fans still have love for her.

Ariana Grande's Career has been on the rise this past year. She had released her latest album Yours Truly early this year. She has even worked with big artist such as Big Sean for their duet called "Right There", and with Mac Miller for their duet called "The Way." Unfortunately Grande has made other headlines in a negative way. Famous blogger Perez Hilton had written tweets about how Grande is doing cocaine. Due to these allegations Ariana is taking this quite seriously, and is threatening to sue Perez Hilton. However from the nomination of the Kids' Choice Awards it doesn't seem like her fan base has been affected at all.

This year's Kids' Choice Awards will be hosted by Mark Wahlberg, Nickelodeon has made a good choice for their host this year considering Wahlberg's fun personality, and also the fact that he will be starring in the fourth installment of Transformers coming out this summer.

Other notable nominees for this years Kids' Choice Awards are One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and of course Pharrell Williams. Williams success just continues to skyrocket due to Grammy wins, and hit singles. Justin Timberlake being just as popular due to his latest album the 20/20 Experience. Bruno Mars popularity is on the rise because of his amazing Super Bowl performance this year.

The good thing about the Kids' Choice Awards is that it's the kids' choice. Considering Grande's fan base is mostly youth, she should be number one in her category for "Favorite Female TV Actress".

Tune in March 29th for the Kids' Choice Awards to find out if Ariana Grande wins.