May 17, 2017
Tim Tebow Super Bowl T-Mobile Commercial: No Contract, No Problem [Video]

Tim Tebow finds himself with no NFL contract heading into Super Bowl XLVIII, but that won't stop the former University of Florida star quarterback from finding his way onto football's biggest stage. T-Mobile is using Tim Tebow for their Super Bowl commercials this year, and they are pretty special.

The first ad features Tebow starring in a new movie (doing his own stunts), touring the world as a rock star, and saving puppies from burning buildings. Enjoy!

The second Tebow self-deprecating commercial features the new ESPN employee delivering babies, throwing football on the moon, tackling big foot, and becoming an advocate for the whales. Thank me later. Just watch.

Whatever anyone else is doing, they will have a hard time beating both the comedy and clever tagline for T-Mobile's commercial. Twitter responded to the commercial release, revealing what the response should be like on Sunday.

So what do you think of the Tim Tebow T-Mobile Super Bowl commercials? Hilarious or tired of Tebow?