December 25, 2017
Justin Bieber's Miami Adventures Continue Amid Camp's Concerns Over Rehab

Justin Bieber in Cuba? Not quite. The rolling stone spent his Wednesday in Miami, Florida.

After the singer posted an Instagram of himself smoking a Cuban cigar alongside a caption "I'm in Cuba I love Cubans," many thought the 19-year-old's current escape from precinct Calabasas, California, had taken him as far as the Caribbean.

But, as it turns out, the star was merely flashing the lyrics to Jay Z's track "Open Letter" which addressed criticisms of his Cuba trip with wife Beyonce last April.

Incidentally, if Bieber had been in Cuba he wouldn't have been breaching the US ban on citizens traveling to the Communist country, as that only applies to US citizens and he is Canadian.

After snowboarding up a storm with pals at the weekend in Aspen, Colorado - where he made a pee stop in the snow - Bieber partied at Mansion nightclub with friends including Khalil and Lil Za, before dropping a reported $75,000 at the King of Diamonds urban strip club to celebrate rapper Lil Scrappy's birthday and Martin Luther King Day on Monday night, according to E! News.

The embattled 19-year-old was snapped strolling along Miami Beach with his father Jeremy on Wednesday while followed by paparazzi, which prompted an Instagram and a tweet from the teen about the attention, captioned: "This is how I get to enjoy the beach."

However, Justin did get to have some fun with fans.

Bieber was dressed casually for his day at the beach and teamed yellow tank top, with a blue open shirt, baggy black shorts, and three gold chains with a backwards baseball cap. His father stroll sported gray pants and a blue T-shirt.

The pair were later seen on rented Segways, which they rode on the beach, with the singer reportedly spending a lot of time checking his phone.

Justin had more plans for his fun day. The "Confident" singer swung by Miami's MIA Skate Shop with Khalil and picked up two boards.

The shop posted a shot of the duo on their Instagram page, writing,

"We had a couple visitors down at #MIASkateShop #SouthBeach. @justinbieber & @khalil @3dskateboards @thehundreds #miami."

Justin Bieber And Khalil At MIA Skate Shop In Miami, Florida

(Photo: Instagram)

Bieber and Khalil then hit up rapper Lil Wayne's Miami skate park, later posting Instagram videos of himself and Khalil showing off some moves and a few of himself shooting hoops with a male identified as Mack Mainey in a clip he posted.

The star thanked the rapper in an Instagram, with: "shoutout to lil wayne for showin love and opening up his park for us."

But it seems no Biebs outing would be complete without spray-painting some graffiti. And we have to say it looks like the young buck is improving from the Instagram he shared of himself tagging a skate park wall with bright green initials.

Justin Bieber Spray-Paints Graffiti In Miami Skate Park

(Photo: Instagram, captioned, "jb")

To more serious matters, it's been revealed that during their club night out Monday, Justin and his crew were given an escort from two Opa-Locka PD cruisers. That VIP ride is now under investigation by authorities to find out who authorized it, reports.

Following the Tuesday, January 14, raid on the teen singer's home by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in search of evidence that might connect Bieber (or his pals) to the egg-throwing incident on his neighbor's house on January 9, TMZ reports he could be served with another search warrant and claims the superstar refused to show police his cell phone.

As IQ previously reported, the Supreme Court recently agreed they would decide when cellphones searches require a search warrant.

That decision is still pending and it's possible the felony search warrant that covered the raid on Bieber's home may not have included his iPhone and its contents. In such cases, police typically return to a judge or magistrate to obtain a "piggyback warrant" [an unofficial term] to add items not included in the original warrant.

Investigators want to view Bieber's text history at and around the time of the egging incident to see if texts referring to it were received or sent to his phone.

During the raid Bieber's live-in friend was arrested for felony drug possession and later for vandalism after police found alleged MDMA (a form of Ecstasy) and possibly Xanax [results pending] in the rapper's room at the singer's Calabasas home.

TMZ had claimed Justin's home was "littered with drugs and drugs paraphernalia" but that has since been denied by the Los Angeles Sheriff to E! News and Lt. David Thompson to the New York Daily News. Both said no illegal substances were found in the Calabasas residence apart from the drugs in Lil Za's room.

However, E! News also reports many in the singer's camp are advising the singer to seek professional help, including rehab.

"Justin's team has been encouraging him to go to rehab for a while," the source told E! "He won't listen to his team."

The insider continued, "His ego has gotten out of control," adding, "Lil Za, Milk, and Lil Twist are particularly bad influences on him."

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Instagram, captioned "I'm in Cuba I love Cubans.")

The felony vandalism and assault investigation continues as Lt. Thompson previously stated Bieber has not yet been "exonerated" or arrested" over the egging incident.

For more of Bieber's skateboard, graffiti, and hoop moves in Miami, head to his Instagram account.

Shooting Hoops In Miami Skate Park

Bieber Skateboarding