Job Candidate Feels 'Disrespected' For Being Asked To Fill Out A Form At Interview, Sparks Debate

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Do you mind filling out forms for a potential employer?

TikTok user @natalayahaddix a.k.a., real name Natalya, had a problem with her potential employer asking her to fill out a form at her interview. The video which now has 269,500 views 2,450 comments, and 26,200-plus likes sparked a debate online.

Talking About Disrespect In The Work Place

"I have never been so disrespected in my life. What I just experienced in this job interview [...] There's not a clearer way to tell people that you're interviewing that we don't give a sh*t about our employees."

She continued saying,

"So I'm putting applications out all over Indeed, I get a response from one company in Miami, Florida, and they're like 'we like your application, we'd like to interview you, can you come in for this interview?"

That request set Natalya off because she expected a zoom or phone call because the location was 45 minutes from her home.

Bad Remuneration Offer

Upon getting to the office, she complained about the space, saying it wasn't fit to be a corporate organization. Natalya then received a form to fill out and that's when she realized the job wasn't entry level but the pay was paltry in her opinion.

"I'm starting to see some red flags. First of all, not the type of company I thought they were. "Second of all, their mission, vision, brand, voice, values, all of those - they're not there. Lastly, I see that the position is for marketing coordinator, which is not an entry level position, [...] and they want to pay $36,000 to $38,000 in Miami, Florida."

For context, the cost of living in Miami Florida is 17% higher than the national average per Payscale.

Millennials Pitch In To Support The Interviewer

The receptionist gave Natalya a form to fill out but she didn't like it because it felt insulting for someone who wanted a permanent position, not an internship.

"At this point, I'm like yo, I have not slaved away in my professional career to be applying for a job like this, what is going on? Then, in the fishbowl next to us, there's a man interviewing these people, right infront of us, I can hear everything they're saying. I suddenly know things about these people that I don't need to be knowing."

Commenters in the age group of 30 - 40 replied to her saying,

"What? People in their 30s and 40s have to do exactly the same, and we didn't have zoom calls then so stop complaining. It's ridiculous."

Responding To Millennials

Natalya replied that times have changed and she wouldn't be stuck in the past.

"We will not be coming with this mentality that we're so grateful to have a job that does nothing for us. I think millennials kind of set the pace with this but Gen-Zs, they'll have no more of this [...] Since the pandemic, everything has changed and it's changed for the better."

She still got some flak for her response but mostly got supportive comments.