'Me Time' Review: A Movie With A Lovely Touch Of Truth And Comedy

Kevin Hart stars in 'Me Time'
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Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi

John Hamberg has not given viewers a comedy movie in a while — at least one that he wrote and directed. However, he does so in his most recent film, Me Time, which is available on Netflix. The movie features Kevin Hart, who appears alongside Transformers actor Mark Wahlberg

Kevin's presence already gives an idea of what to expect from Me Time. However, here is a review of the film. 

The Plot

The new film, which has a lot in common with the director's I Love You, Man, stars Kevin as Sonny. He plays a father who has been a stay-at-home parent for the past few years while his wife Regina Hall, starring as Maya, works as an architect. 

But when his wife takes the kids on vacation, and he has some "Me Time" for the first time in years, he reunites with his old best friend Huck (Mark) for a crazy weekend that almost destroys his life.

It turns out that Huck is still a huge party animal who frequently dresses casually and has organized a birthday party in the desert in the style of Burning Man. But what if Sonny really needs this?

A Lovely Touch Of Truth And Comedy 

Besides the comic side, an intriguing tale of self-discovery and reunion may be found in this crazy comedy adventure. Along this path, John's film highlights the value of a life outside work, whether as a stay-at-home parent or a prosperous businesswoman. It adds a lovely touch to an otherwise absurd storyline and provides a balanced viewing experience when the comedy gets too smothering and unfunny. The movie's character Sonny makes it clear that life is too short to remain a prisoner in one's own home.

Phony-looking CGI Lion Scene

Even though Me Time is a fantastic comedy, some of its humor did not make for a pleasant viewing experience. In one of the movie's most phony-looking CGI animal scenes, Sonny was attacked by a lion. This film was released just one week after Beast, with a far more impressive CGI lion as its antagonist. It was only natural to expect something more real. 

Some viewers may find themselves pleading for mercy at some surreal experience as Me Time continues with its pathetic attempts at additional humor.

Little Or No Chemistry Between The Main Characters

Even though the script was created to be humorous and enjoyable, there were occasions when it turned dry and boring. Kevin and Mark didn't have many opportunities to perform at their best in these scenes. As a result, their connection sometimes became strained, resulting in awkward situations that easily could have been amusing or even endearing. This occasionally also resulted from clumsy attempts at humor that were developed deliberately rather than naturally. A stronger script might not have guaranteed better chemistry between the stars, but it could have helped.

Although Netflix's most recent comedy doesn't add anything fresh or intriguing to the genre, viewers can still expect a passable viewing experience that will keep them entertained.

Me Time was released on Netflix Friday, August 26.