MLB News: Cubs Playing Hard To Draw Love From Free Agents

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Ernesto Cova

Dave Ross emphasized how much he wanted the Chicago Cubs to play hard every game. And even though there's virtually no chance they make the playoffs, the Northsiders continue to approach every series like a World Series.

The Cubs were one of the best teams in Major League Baseball in August and continue to go toe-to-toe against actual contenders. They won't go down without a fight and refuse to throw in the towel.

They're A Talented Team

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It's been a weird year for the Cubs, that's for sure. They had their first .500 month of the season, yet it could be too little, too late.

But they're trying to develop a winning culture, and veteran RP Wade Miley believes his teammates will continue to put the team ahead of their numbers:

“There’s talent here, no doubt,” Miley told The Athletic. “We’re in a weird part of the year right now where it’s like we’re not out of it, but we’re out of it. It’s a weird thing, so then it’s really hard (if people) get selfish this time of year. Guys start going after their numbers. You need to be stubborn and understand that it’s very important to play together and win games right now."

It's A Tryout

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The Cubs are still playing hard despite being well behind in the race. Apparently, they're taking this final stretch as a tryout to showcase their talents and prove that they only need a couple of pieces to compete again:

“I know Nico (Hoerner) said something maybe a couple weeks ago (about) how it’s like a tryout for other guys, (a showcase for) other free agents to come here, proving that we are close and we’re not two or three years away from being a winning franchise again," Miley said.

They're All On The Same Page

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Postseason berth or not, the feeling in the clubhouse is that they want to keep competing until the very last day. And if they can play spoilers against their divisional rivals, then that's even better:

“It’s just making sure all these guys are pulling from the same side of the rope and trying to hurt some people’s feelings. Knock the Brewers out of it, knock the Cardinals (down), do what we can to be spoilers," Miley added.

They'll Make Some Moves

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The veteran receiver concluded his statement by admitting that the Cubs need to find a couple of pieces to contend for real, but he also praised the team's talented core:

“I love it here,” Miley said. “I love the staff. I love the guys. We have some very talented players in here, but there’s some pieces probably out there that they want to go find. Yeah, it’s been a great clubhouse and a great experience.”

The Cubs have the money and want to win again, so look out for them in free agency.