MLB News: Joey Gallo Finally Thriving After Leaving New York

Joey Gallo
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Ernesto Cova

Joey Gallo will go down as one of the most disappointing players in New York Yankees' history.

His swing looked tailor-made for Yankee Stadium, and he was expected to provide some much-needed left-handed power in the middle of the order, but he could never truly establish himself since arriving at the Bronx Zoo.

Now, after boos, jeers, and a tough start to the season, he's finally thriving again, this time with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He Was Chasing Too Much

Joey Gallo
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Gallo admits he was forcing things. He was trying to get his rhythm back all in one swing to try and shift the narrative, but that's not how it works out:

“My swing wasn’t in a good spot,” Gallo told The Athletic. “My mind was in a spot where, I was just chasing a hit so people would get the fuck off my back, I guess. I was just playing every day to get people to stop talking sh*t."

He Wasn't In A Good Place

Joey Gallo
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Gallo wasn't having a good time anymore, on and off the field. He was struggling vastly at the plate and admitted to feeling like he had never picked up a bat before in his life:

“There was times where I felt like I was in a good place in New York,” Gallo said. “Then you kind of lose that feeling. A swing is kind of tricky, because I think people just assume you just pick up a bat and swing. But it’s very intricate and very ‘feel’ oriented. There’s days that you feel like you’ve never picked up a bat before."

NY Isn't For Everybody

Joey Gallo
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The former Rangers outfielder was struggling under the NY lights. He claims there's just a lot of pressure to deliver, as opposed to the more 'laid-back' vibe in sunny California:

“People don’t understand what it’s like in New York,” Gallo added. “It’s a completely different day-to-day grind than a normal baseball player.”

Dodgers Trusted Him

Dodger Stadium
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The Dodgers sure thought they could 'fix' Gallo, and it's paid off thus far:

“Change of scenery,” manager Dave Roberts said, “seeing some mechanical things we felt we could clean up, we felt we could shoot the moon. That’s the way it’s trended and I couldn’t be happier that he’s on our ballclub.”

Sometimes, a change of scenery it's all it takes. So, imagine the irony if Dodgers and Yankees meet in the World Series and Gallo winds up sending them back home.