Erin Andrews Tells Backstory On Infamous 'Baby' Interview With Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Ernesto Cova

It's pretty safe to say that Jimmy Garoppolo and Erin Andrews have both had their fair share of iconic moments on the field.

One is a two-time Super Bowl champion and now the highest-paid backup quarterback in the National Football League. The other is one of the game's most renowned and respected sideline reporters.

Jimmy G Wasn't Flirting

Jimmy Garoppolo
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But perhaps one of the most iconic moments of their careers actually featured both of them at the same time and in the very same place.

Garoppolo led the San Francisco 49ers to an 8-0 start to the season. But instead of making the rounds for his great play, it was what he told Andrews that made him go viral: “feels great, baby."

Now, nearly three years later, Andrews finally cleared the air on what actually happened.

“Not sure if anyone knows this, but my husband was on the field when it happened,” Andrews said.“He was behind our camera guy on Fox, holding my phone taking a picture. Jimmy G. knew my husband was right there."

It Was Just A Word

Jimmy Garoppolo
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The 42-year-old sideline reporter joked around and explained how he wasn't flirting with her, especially with her husband right behind her while they were doing the interview:

“Again, I’ll take it, but he wasn’t throwing any game my way. 42 years old, sure. I’ll take any of it,” Andrews added. “No, it’s just an impression of like, ‘baby’ or ‘babe.’"

He Got It From Tom Brady

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Moreover, Andrews revealed that Garoppolo actually got the 'Baby' from Tom Brady, who he backed up when he first entered the league with the New England Patriots:

"You watch all those mic’d ups with Brady. He says babe all the time. One of my favorite things when Edelman or Gronk does the TB, ‘Hey, babe.’ And I think that’s a lot of where Jimmy G. got it from. I don’t know,” Andrews concluded.

The Jimmy G Saga Is Over

Jimmy Garoppolo
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On a side note, Jimmy G didn't have the most enjoyable off-season by any means. He lost his starting job to Trey Lance and every single team in the league shut the door on him due to his huge salary and an undisclosed shoulder injury.

However, he still got his way and agreed on a new contract with the 49ers to become the NFL's highest-earning backup QB, so he's still got a chance to take the job back if Lance struggles or gets hurt.

That's got to feel great, baby.