NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Land Jessie Bates III In Proposed Deal

Jessie Bates III
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Ernesto Cova

The Cincinnati Bengals spent most of the offseason trying to work out a deal with superstar Safety Jessie Bates III but to no avail.

They had no choice but to designate him under the franchise tag, and we've already seen how that situation usually pans out. The player has threatened to hold out, and nearly every team in the NFL is keeping tabs on his situation.

Bates III Wants To Leave

Jessie Bates III
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Jessie Bates III has let the team know that he has no intention to play unless he gets a new deal. The Bengals spent a first-round pick on Daxton Hill, so maybe they foresaw this coming.

That's where the Dallas Cowboys could swoop in and make an offer the Bengals just can't refuse. In this scenario, they'd convince Bates III to sign the franchise tag and trade a second-round pick to get him and sign him to the contract he deserves.

Why Would The Bengals Do This?

Jessie Bates III
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As we mentioned before, they already have a first-round caliber talent in Daxton Hill. Landing a second-round pick for a player who wants to leave should be a no-brainer.

Bates III has threatened to hold out and forfeit all that money, so why not get whatever they can while he's still on the team? Also, trading him to the Cowboys would prevent a divisional or conference rival from getting to him.

What's In It For Dallas?

Jessie Bates III
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Dan Quinn was a breath of fresh air for the Dallas Cowboys' ever-struggling defense. Despite the lack of discipline, they were actually the best unit on the team and figure to be even better for years to come.

Trevon Diggs is a subject of controversy. He gets a lot of picks but is also burnt often. Landing Bates III would give them an extra pair of elite hands in the secondary defense while also putting more talent around Micah Parsons.

The Ultimate Reward

Jessie Bates III
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Mike McCarthy is — or at least should be — on the hot seat entering the season. Also, the Cowboys' fanbase has waited long enough to be back where the team should've been for a long time.

The Cowboys have more than enough cap space to make Bates III an offer that suits his demands. He's still young and would help anchor a promising defense that could help this team reign the NFC East and finally end their postseason struggles. So, what are you waiting for, Jerry? Pick up the phone already!