Skip Bayless Rips LeBron James Over Lakers Contract Extension

Skip Bayless
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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers agreed on a massive two-year extension worth $97 million. James will most likely retire in Hollywood, as he'll turn 41 years old by the time his new deal runs out.

That's excellent news for Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss, who prioritized locking him up and ending all speculation about his future. However, Skip Bayless thinks it was a bad move for James.

Bayless Says LeBron Lost All His Leverage

Skip Bayless
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LeBron's no. 1 hater took to Twitter as fast as he could to bash James. This time, the only thing he could come up with is that he no longer holds any leverage, so the Lakers won't trade Russell Westbrook away:

“So much for LeBron holding the Lakers’ feet to the fire, demanding they get rid of Russ or he’ll take his talents elsewhere. I’ll say it again: HE HAS NO MORE LEVERAGE BECAUSE HE WANTS TO RETIRE A HOLLYWOOD LAKER. He knows it; they know it. #StriveForLAness," Bayless tweeted.

Ham Will Struggle In Los Angeles, Says Bayless

LeBron James
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Skip elaborated in his show by stating that Lakers' new coach Darvin Ham will struggle to keep all those personalities in check and that he won't be able to deal with LeBron:

"Darvin Ham is presenting himself as the new Sherriff in this town, 'I got this'. I don't think he got this," Bayless said. "I don't think he gets what's about to hit him right between the eyes because LeBron is LeBron and he's earned the right to be a diva or whatever he wants to be. Because he's still the face of the franchise and the face of the league. And AD is a multiple-time All-Star and he's gonna play in his own world.

Westbrook Will Give Him A Hard Time

Russell Westbrook
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Moreover, Bayless questioned Ham's power to bench Westbrook and predicted the former MVP could wreak havoc in the locker room:

"And now you've gotta deal with a Russ, who just last year upon arriving back home in Hollywood, a documentary was dropped, 'The Life And Times Of Russell Westbrook'... Well, how do you bench that guy? Because his fall was so spectacular that even Russ couldn't wrap his head around it," Bayles concluded.

Their Hands Are Tied

LeBron James
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Locking up James for the remainder of his career seems like a great deal on paper. But they would've been better off if he had taken a pay cut in the offseason, so they could put more talent around Anthony Davis.

The Lakers were already in a tough salary cap situation, which didn't do much to help. But hey, that's what it takes to sign one of the best players in NBA history.