Erin Andrews Is Hyped About The Detroit Lions

Erin Andrews
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Ernesto Cova

It's been quite some time since Detroit Lions fans had any reason to be excited about the start of the NFL season.

And now, with no Matthew Stafford, no Calvin Johnson, no Joique Bell, it seems like it'll be a while before this team makes some noise out of the NFC North.

However, after watching the latest Hard Knocks trailer, one can't help to feel hyped for the upcoming Lions season.

Andrews Is Excited

Erin Andrews
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Notably, even Fox star Erin Andrews had to show just how excited she was for the show, praising Aaron Glenn after watching the trailer:

"I’m a massive Aaron Glenn fan. Just saw a #HardKnocks preview with Coach Glenn and Duce Staley going back and forth. CAN’T FREAKING WAIT," Andrews tweeted.

Dan Campbell Is Ready To Go

Dan Campbell
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Lions HC Dan Campbell is also looking forward to the season. He claims nothing like joint practices to simulate real-game situations after spending some days with the Indianapolis Colts:

“You can almost get, it feels like you’re getting two games in a week,” Campbell said. “Two games in two days. You won’t have all those reps, but we’re gonna get almost 30 reps with our starters against good competition. Full pads and it’s structured.”

Lions Want To Win

Dan Campbell
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The Lions were far from a good team last season. But at least, they showed some determination to win, a desire to be better and leave it all on the field regardless of the rival, the score, or even how it could affect their first-round draft pick:

"To me, it means we’ll play anywhere," Campbell said. "We’ll play on grass. We’ll play on turf. We’ll go to a f***ing landfill. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you have one ass cheek and three toes, I will beat your ass."

He's Got A Plan

Dan Campbell
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Lions players seem sold on Campbell's idea and philosophy. They know they're not ready to compete right away, but would go to war for their coach and vice versa:

"I’ve got a plan, I swear to you," Campbell added. "All I think about is you guys. That’s all I think about. That’s all I f***ing think about is you guys and how I set you up for the best f***ing possible advantage I can give you. I just need you to trust me. That’s all."

So, even if they don't win a lot this season, we're still looking forward to watching them perform and slowly change their culture.