Erin Andrews Reacts To Bryant Young's Heartbreaking HOF Speech

Erin Andrews
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The NFL Hall of Fame induction was one of the most emotional yet. Besides honoring the lives and careers of some of the greatest players to ever do it, it shed light on the family struggles of San Francisco 49ers legend Bryant Young.

Young, a dominant tackle and respected veteran throughout his entire career, opened up about losing his son Colby to cancer.

Young Talks About His Son

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Young started talking about how he overcame an injury. He thought a potentially career-ending injury was the worst thing that could've happened to him. But he was wrong:

"I learned some things about trusting God, living with doubt, accepting help. We passed the test. But another loomed," Young said. "I’ve introduced five of our children. Now I’d like to let you to meet Colby. Born in August 2001, Colby loved life. He had an infectious smile. Many interests, including football. He was a happy kid. In Fall 2014, when he was 13, Colby started having headaches. A CAT scan revealed a brain tumor. Kai had just had knee surgery and deserved our full attention. But our focus and hers shifted to Colby. Five days later surgeons removed the tumor and told us it was cancer. Colby was back at school eight days later. His spirits were good. He had the heart of a lion. My injury seemed trivial."

Young Opens His Heart

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The legendary tackle continued to share his story and honored his late son at the end of his heartfelt speech:

"The treatments were hard. Colby showed immense courage. He felt good for months. We really were hopeful," Young added. "The following October Colby said, 'Dad, I have a headache.' The cancer was back. Doctors tried immunotherapy. But it had spread too far, too fast. Colby sensed where things were heading and had questions. He didn’t fear death as much as the process of dying. Would it be painful? Would he be remembered? We assured Colby we’d keep his memory alive and continue speaking his name. On October 11, 2016, God called Colby home. Colby: you live on in our hearts. We will always speak your name."

Erin Andrews Reacts To The Speech

Erin Andrews
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Needless to say, Young's heartfelt speech prompted thousands of reactions on social media. That included Erin Andrews, who couldn't hold back tears after listening to him:

"Bryant Young. I’m bawling. Unreal. His wife is also incredible," Andrews said on Twitter. "Incredible. Had me sobbing."

Young Put Things In Perspective

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Far from being sad, Young tried to explain how that terrible situation helped him put his life in perspective. What he thought was a tragedy was nothing compared to what his brave son had to go through.

It's a shame that Colby wasn't able to live a long life and thrive on the field as his old man did. But his name will never be forgotten and he'll continue to inspire more to come after.