'Constantly Attacks And Berates Me': Lenny Hochstein Reacts To Lisa Hochstein's Financial Strangulation Claims

RHOM star Lisa Hochstein
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The clash between Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein is proving to be just as captivating as a reality TV show. Currently, The Real Housewives of Miami couple is throwing accusations at each other in public and the media amid their ongoing divorce.

Continue reading for more details about what has been going on between the estranged couple lately.

Lisa Accuses Lenny Of Financial Strangulation 

According to reports, the 40-year-old filed some legal papers on August 1, claiming that her estranged husband is financially strangling her. Lisa contended in the court documents that Lenny is financially strangling her as a means of retaliation following their acrimonious divorce.

The money in question appears to have been obtained through a joint credit card managed by Lenny. But, Lisa alleged it was meant for personal and household expenses and their children's expenses.

Lisa also claimed that Lenny is free to use the card for personal spending but has cut her off from the joint financial account.

Lenny's Response To Lisa's Allegations 

Lenny quickly responded to Lisa's court filing and accusation of financial strangulation. The plastic surgeon, who is now dating Katharina Mazepa, asserted in a Page Six interview that Lisa was merely using the court filing to dent his reputation.

"Lisa uses these court filings to portray me poorly in the press. It's worse than a press release because the fact that it's filed gives it legitimacy," he said. 

Lenny, who communicated with the publication via email, also disclosed that he handles their children's expenses separately. He also claimed that Lisa has been living in their shared residence with their children at zero cost. In addition, he alleged that she recently started misusing their joint credit card to make purchases for herself.

In addition, Lenny said that the RHOM star resumed the financial abuse this month after spending about $60,000 last month. He claimed she overspent on the credit card by purchasing jewelry and clothes just before he went on vacation to Europe, where he is with Katharina.

Lenny Defends Himself

The 56-year-old also addressed Lisa's claims that he verbally confronts her and makes derogatory remarks.

"As far as being berated, it is quite the opposite. It is Lisa who constantly attacks and berates me," he said. 

He continued, "I am trying my best to avoid conflict. I just want to be divorced."

Lenny added that when he could no longer take her assaults, he went to another bedroom and eventually had to rent an apartment when she persisted.

Katharina Files Restraining Order Against Lisa 

Lisa is not only fueding with Lenny but with his new girlfriend, Katharina, who recently requested a restraining order against her. According to court documents obtained by E! News,

Katharina alleged that Lisa has been harassing Katharina by "making threatening phone calls, creating fake social media accounts and posting threatening and false statements."

Lisa and Lenny tied the knot in 2009 and share two children, Logan and Elle. One can only hope the couple resolves their conflict amicably for their kids' sake.