Brooke Burke Reveals The Secrets To Her Ageless Strength And Beauty

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Fatima Araos

Brooke Burke is the definition of ageless beauty and strength. The 50-year-old television personality and fitness expert doesn’t look a day older than when she was hosting Wild On! two decades ago. And in addition to her TV career, she’s successfully carved a niche as a health guru, first with her workout DVD series and now with her own fitness app, Brooke Burke Body.

In short, if there’s one person who can teach us a thing or two about looking great and feeling strong at any age, that would be Burke.

Ageless Glow

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, the Dancing with the Stars alum revealed her secrets to maintaining her ageless glow.

“Hydrate!” she said. “Believe it or not, water is your best friend for youthful beauty. Increasing your water intake will help replenish your skin and body and curb your appetite.”

She also stressed the importance of good eating and sleeping habits, saying, “Intermittent fasting allows your body more time to rest and recover, which is imperative while aging. Get your Zs. A good night’s sleep reduces stress, improves metabolism and gives you the energy to live a vigorous and healthy life.”

How She Approached Wellness In Her 20s

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Burke admitted, though, that she hadn’t always been this mindful of her health.

“In my 20s, I did not know how to fuel and feed my body. I spent too much time weighing food, working my body for endless hours in the gym, and making sacrifices that were not enjoyable. I wish I would’ve known about good fats. And how to fuel my brain and body with mindful nutrition,” she said.

How Her Regimen Has Changed

Over the years, the author, actress, and businesswoman has developed a healthier and more streamlined fitness and diet regimen.

“I have more delicious food freedom today,” she explained. “For example, I practice intermittent fasting. I spend less time sculpting my body now than I did in my 20s because I know how to target, tone, use compound moves and hit all the trouble areas to get the most out of a shorter workout. For example, the booty burn on Brooke Burke Body is designed for the female body to tone, lift and sculpt the glutes.”

Her Concept Of Beauty

Burke has a healthy concept of beauty, too.

“Beauty is a state of mind,” she said. “It’s subjective. I would like to see beauty considered to be an action. It must become a practice, and it must live deep within. It comes in all shapes and sizes and at different ages.”