Mandy Rose Shows Off Her Killer Bikini Body In Leather And Studs

Close up of Mandy Rose with messy blonde
Wikimedia | Soma107


WWE NXT Champion Mandy Rose, has been living it up in the Bahamas this summer although she's since returned to the USA. The athlete was a guest on WWE's The Bump show in the Orlando theatre last week where she teased a new yacht experience. The hosts asked her about her 32nd birthday today, July, 18th, and she dropped a hint on the plans.

Talking About Winning

Rose announced an interview with WWE's The Bump using a picture of herself in her Summer 2022 Wrestling Gear. She flaunted her championship belt and tied her hair in a high ponytail with sparkly green eyeshadow.

Rose's current wrestling gear is a black and green leather bikini consisting of a studded bra and mini shorts paired with knee-high boots. Her latest fight against Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez ended with her retaining her title making Rose the fifth longest reigning NXT Women Champion surpassing Charlotte Flair.

Interview With 'The Bump'

After retaining her title last week against Cora Jade and Roxanne, she spoke with The Bump. "I might be on another yacht this weekend, so stay tuned," she said after talking about how she handles pressure. Rose also added that the yacht trip might be part of her upcoming birthday celebration telling fans to watch out for fun content on her page.

Bikini On A Yacht

The last "bikini on a yacht" moment Rose had was in June and she slayed her look. The WWE NXT champion looked fit in her black monokini topped with a white Naval Captain hat. Her untanned lines peeked underneath her one-piece swimwear revealing that she suntanned wearing a different bikini.

Rose suntanned in a hot pink two-piece bikini with a low-cut top and matching bottoms She braided her long mane into a single ponytail letting the sun hit every part of her body. The result is evident in the picture above.

Introducing Damandyz Donutz

The first birthday news Rose released was the launch of her confectionary business with best friend, Sonya Deville. Damandyz donuts became available today on Uber Eats in Los Angeles. Rose wrote,

"WE ARE SO EXCITED & can’t wait for you guys to try these!! They are so out of this world I can’t even describe it!!! 🤤"

She's been teasing the launch since June when she posted a hint on National Donut Day. She wrote,

" @thedariaberenato & myself are SO excited to announce something huge soon so STAY TUNED !! 😀👀🗣"

So far, the official Instagram page has almost 100,000 followers.