How To Use Your Best High-Value Male Traits To Nail Your First Date

Man and woman on a first date
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Kimberly Wilson

Being on a first date is typically nerve-wracking, but not for a high-value man. They deal with high-pressure situations all day, every day, which is why any downtime they get is considered relaxing. As with everything else in their lives, they have nothing to be nervous about, as they control most situations and remain calm, cool, and collected in the others. Do you want to know their secrets? Here are five traits that high-value men have that can help you nail your first date.

Set The Tone With Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
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Most people would assume this is mainly referring to the obvious types of intelligence - linguistic, interpersonal, etc. In all those usual facets, high-value men are highly intelligent, but they must also possess a high level of emotional intelligence. Setting the tone for success in any aspect of your life starts with emotional intelligence. All high-value men are proven to be highly successful. That is in no small part due to them being solution-based thinkers. These men don’t overreact to things, they think and stay even-keeled. The right woman will recognize this and be impressed with your demeanor.

A Sense Of Self-Confidence And Assertiveness Goes A Long Way

Be confident on your date
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There’s nothing sexier than a man that knows what he wants. When a man is wishy-washy about decisions, big and small, it's very hard to support him. A high-value man is assertive, not aggressive according to Make sure you're confident in your decisions and direct in your approach from date night onward.

It Is Important To Have A Sense Of Humor

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There’s something to be said about a man with a sharp sense of humor. His ability to diffuse tense situations, cheer up the downtrodden, and make women smile is unparalleled. In this case, the last one is what we’re focusing on for your date. High-value men take life very seriously but they also know how to turn on the charm. These men are very content with their lives so why not make sure the people around them are happy, too?

Money Shows Stability So Pay For The Date

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Most people continue to debate who pays on the first date. reported a study with charts, one broken down by state. With high-value men, there is never a debate. The woman with them isn’t paying for anything. Period.

There Is No Chasing Involved In His Life

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I think by now you’re getting the gist of all the qualities of the high-value male. But, I’ll highlight one more that is pertinent to this first-date situation. It is not their nature to chase people or things. Their methods are designed to attract them, to entice them. This isn’t done as a game, quite the contrary since they don’t play games or deal with drama. They’ve set their whole life up to succeed and people are naturally drawn to winners. Having said that, if you're interested in this woman after the first date has ended, don't wait to get in touch with her, yet don't blow up her phone either.

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