Mandy Rose Styles On A Boat In Bikini

Close up of Mandy Rose with blonde hair
Wikimedia | Soma107


WWE NXT Mandy Rose has opponents coming for her title from every angle but that's not stopping her from looking beautiful and showing off on the 'Gram. The athlete celebrated National Bikini Day with an old picture from her recent Bahamas vacation.

This post comes shortly after Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez talked smack to her on WWE NXT as they joined a host of fans in anticipating Toxic Attraction's downfall.

Aye Aye Captain

Rose is the champion of WWE NXT and wearing hot bikinis as her 3.3 million Instagram followers know. The athlete didn't miss a chance to celebrate national bikini day even though the picture she shared was old.

She looked sexy in her black monokini with a captain hat and black sunglasses. The scant-clad one-piece showed off her tan lines as the sun shone on her skin.

Read What Cora Jade And Roxanne Said

After Cora Jade and her best friend, Roxanne Perez won the tag team match against Toxic Attraction's Gigi and Jacy, they had so much to say about becoming the new reigning champions. Cora said,

"I finally did it... and I got to do it with my bestfriend... It felt so good to finally knock Toxic Attraction off their little pedestal." "And next week, I'm ready. I want to end Toxic Attraction's reign once and for all. Next week, I'm cashing in my breakout contract for a championship match against Mandy Rose and Toxic will be done," Perez added.

Mandy Rose's Reply

"Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez better known as I don't know, team 2001 or whatever stupid name they call themselves these days got lucky tonight. Okay and this has happened once before and Gigi and Jacy corrected themselves days later. Rinse and Repeat. And I'm pretty positive that Roxanne is running around on her high horse right not but when the adrenaline wears off, Roxanne will realize she made the biggest mistake of her life. You see because Roxanne Perez cannot beat me for my title neither could Cora Jade, not once not twice. And next week Roxanne Perez will join her little BFF Cora in the failure club. Hell that's if she even makes it to her fight."

Defending Her Baby

There you have it! Rose and her squad aren't going down without a fight and that's if they go down at all. The ladies are ready to defend their championship till the end or as rose calls her belt, "Baby."