'I Have Always Felt Spiritually British': Tessa Thompson Shares Her Love For London

MCU Actress Tessa Thompson
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Last week, James Corden welcomed Hollywood star Tessa Thompson as his guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Tessa appeared on the show alongside Jamie Dornan, another Hollywood star. During the segment, the celebrity actors discussed different topics. While Tessa's appearance was part of Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest installment Thor: Love and Thunder's promotional tour, she also talked about her British accent. Meanwhile, Jamie spoke about his experience as a London barkeep.

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Tessa Feels Spiritually British 

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James started the episode by welcoming his guests. Then, he complimented Tessa by telling her that London suits her. 

"London suits you, it suits Tessa Thompson," James said. 

Tessa responded, "Well, I'm so happy to hear that because I have always felt spiritually British. I don't know if there's something like maybe a past life or something. I don't know why." 

However, James believed it was because the actress had spent much time in London. 

People Think Tessa's American Accent Is Bad

James needed to clear up a rumor, so he asked Tessa if she pretended to be a Londoner. "Is this true that you pretend to people that you're a Londoner?" he asked. 

Tessa said it was not exactly true but explained how much she embraced London to the extent that people had to question her American accent and even told her it was bad. 

"And now, do you know sometimes people tweet at me saying my American accent is bad," she said, making the audience laugh. 

"Oh! That's the greatest compliment you can get really," James said. 

Jamie Recalls Unpleasant Experiences With Customers As A Barkeep

James turned to Jamie and reminded him that he worked in a bar not so far away. He also added that he could imagine the Fifty Shades star as a good barman. 

"I can see you being a good barman," James said, while Jamie responded by joking, "Probably better than I'm an actor?" 

"I loved working in a bar but people are rude. There's that one guy who used to come in every day and click his fingers at me," Jamie explained, clicking his fingers. 

Jamie looked around in the audience to see if the man he referred to was there as he could still recognize him. 

Jamie's Emotional Visit To The Pub

At that moment, Jamie recalled returning to London with his wife and revisiting the bar. James asked if the unsavory customer was still there, clicking his fingers at him.


However, Jamie laughed and said, "thankfully, he wasn't there." He revealed that revisiting the pub after many years was an emotional experience. 

"It was emotional in a way, it hasn't changed at all. The pub is exactly the same," the actor said. 

Tessa and Jamie brought a lot of fun during their appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, as the audience and viewers loved every moment with them.