How To Tell If She Wants More Than A Friendship

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Kimberly Wilson

Some of the most meaningful relationships are often born out of friendships. Getting to know someone on a friend level, with no strings attached, takes away any type of pressure. Both parties have their guard down and can get to know each other without games or hidden agendas. Then the trouble begins. At this point, one or both parties usually catch some feelings - beginning the awkward phase when you’re not sure how your friend feels. You think they feel the same but are you sure? What if you’re wrong? Is it worth taking that leap of faith?

She’s Dressing To Impress

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Guys, I hate to break it to you, but dressing for men is not necessarily something women do. We dress for ourselves, other women, and for that one special man we want to notice us. So, if she transitioned from dressing cute or casual to consistently looking like the woman you can’t take your eyes off of, then her mission was accomplished. Moreover, you received the answer to your most pressing question.

Time Alone With You Is Important

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A common practice among friends is to get together in groups. Even though it's not always easy with everyone’s busy schedules, it's usually a great time when it happens. So, if your female friend is vying for that quality alone time there’s most likely a specific reason. Make it happen and hopefully, the sparks will fly as a result.

Her Goal Is To Get To Know You More Deeply

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Nowadays, people are more open about their lives. However, they are also very busy. So, when a woman takes the time to tell you about herself and is attentive when you open up to her, it is a good sign that she is interested in you, according to Take advantage of the time she's giving you to learn about her and continue the conversation. Hopefully, you'll find that you have a lot in common and your connection will grow.

The Dating Apps Are Deleted

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People spend a lot of time and money on dating apps looking for the right match. It’s a process. Some even take it as far as to pay for someone to set up their profile or research how to get an edge on the competition. Basically, anything to get an edge. So, if your "friend" ditches the digital dating scene after all that effort she put into setting things up, then there must be someone in her life who has captured her attention and is bringing her back to the offline world.

You've Made It Into Her Inner Circle

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When it comes to women who are close friends, there is very little that they do not share with one another. There is a good chance that her girlfriends know about you if she is interested. They've most likely given her some advice, too. As points out, if she's comfortable bringing you around them, then she sees a future with you.

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