Erin Andrews Reacts To Signing A New Deal, Recruiting Tom Brady To Fox

Erin Andrews
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Ernesto Cova

One of the biggest questions of the NFL offseason didn't even come from the gridiron but from the sidelines.

People wondered whether Erin Andrews was going to stay with Fox or if she was going to follow Troy Aikman wherever he'd go, as her contract was set to expire at the end of the season.

She Signed Right Away

Erin Andrews
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But even though she didn't make a big fuss out of it and people still doubted if she'd be back, Andrews didn't even hesitate to sign her new deal. However, she didn't even know who she was going to work with:

“I signed a contract. I quietly did that. I figured enough was enough with the headlines for a while," Andrews told Sports Illustrated. "My deal was up in August. Fox came to me pretty much right away and just said, ‘We wanna keep you here.’ At that point I was unaware of who I was gonna be doing the games with."

She Cried Over Troy Aikman's Departure

Erin Andrews
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Andrews knew that Aikman walking away was a big possibility. However, she never thought ESPN would also snatch Joe Buck away:

“Hey, I’m going to ESPN.’ I just looked at Jarret and I didn’t speak for five minutes. I tried to talk, but I started to cry. I just couldn’t believe that was happening. I think all of us on our crew thought it was Amazon. I was just like, ‘Wait a second. What?’ My next reaction was, Who are you doing the games with? I was just trying to put it all together," Andrews said.

Andrews Recruited Tom Brady

Erin Andrews
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But the crazier news happened later. Andrews was on vacation with her husband when her phone started going off.

Fox had signed Tom Brady, so she started putting on the work to get him to be a part of her crew:

“I’m not gonna lie, I went out that night in Montana, and my husband and I went to our favorite bar and I consumed a lot of tequila," Andrews recalled. "I then apologized to my husband because this was supposed to be the vacation we didn’t talk on our phones, but everybody’s just calling each other from our crew, we’re calling our bosses at Fox, we’re just like, What the heck? At this point Tom was retired, I may or may not have put a text out there or a DM or whatever and just said, ‘Hey, what are you doing next year? You wanna be part of our crew? I just told him how fun it was and how great our crew was. I placed a call to one of my bosses at Fox and said, ‘Full disclosure, I’ve had a lot of tequila. Why not try to hit it out of the park here with Tom?”

She'll Have To Wait, Though

Erin Andrews
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Andrews is big friends with Brady and also one of his biggest fans. However, we're talking about a guy who couldn't stay retired for more than 40 days.

So, even if he's already secured a new deal for when his playing days are over, it seems like Andrews will have to wait plenty of time before she gets to work with the legendary QB.