Crossfit Athlete Brooke Wells Stuns In Bikini With Friends

CrossFit athlete Brooke Wells
instagram | Brooke Wells/Instagram


Although talented CrossFit athlete Brooke Wells is frequently spotted pushing herself in the gym, her Instagram account also shows how much she enjoys having fun. Despite her busy schedule, Brooke finds time for bikini photos so she can show off her toned body. 

However, Brooke prefers not to spend these times alone but is frequently spotted with her friends in their favorite two-piece bikinis.

Keep scrolling to see the different times the talented athlete has stunned in bikinis while chilling with friends. 

Bikini Party

On June 16, 2020, Brooke marked her 25th birthday by throwing a fun birthday get-together. The multiple snaps Brooke shared on her Instagram page showed her and her friends dressed in their favorite two-piece bikinis.

The celebrant wore a white-and-black striped two-piece bikini that displayed her sculpted abs and toned legs. In the post's caption, Brooke thanked her friends who made her birthday special.

"THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to make my birthday special," she wrote.

The pictures showed Brooke enjoys having good moments with friends, especially bikini moments.

Celebrating With Friends

Brooke celebrated the 2020 US Independence Day by having fun with her friends on a boat cruise. She shared multiple pictures of herself and her friends in their colorful bikinis. The athlete captioned the post, "Happy 4th."

In the photos, Brooke was clad in a white and grey two-piece bikini while her twin sister stunned in pink. While her other female friends looked gorgeous in their colorful bikinis, her male friends were shirtless, wearing just shorts. 

In the different pictures, Brooke and her friends posed in different places. In some, they posed on the top of a white boat, while they were in a beach house in others. 

Brooke And Friends Put Sculpted Abs On Display

Brooke has friends with well-sculpted abs and toned legs. During an excursion off the ship, she and her friends flaunted their abs while wearing their favorite two-piece bikinis. The four friends posed, putting their hands around each other's waist while smiling at the camera. They wore colorful sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun's rays and looked incredibly strong and beautiful.

Pretty Insane Bodies

Brooke's fans took to the post's comment section to share their thoughts on the athlete and her friend's abs display.

"Pretty insane bodies ladies, congrats," a fan played with words while commenting on the athletes' abs.

"A 24 pack in one picture," a second fan said while a third fan added, "Abbbbsss."

Bikini days are for Brooke to relax and hang out with her friends. Hopefully, she will share more photos of herself in a bikini with her beautiful friends.