Aly Raisman In Bikini Arches Back For Sultry Beach Snap

Aly Raisman
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Ashabi Azeez

 Aly Raisman has worn various bikinis during her gymnastic career, but that does not stop her from slipping her trim figure into a bikini to enjoy a great day at the beach. The retired athlete shared some bikini snaps enjoying a beauty hour at the beach. 

Beauty Hour

Aly Raisman
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The two-time Olympic gold medalist does not hesitate to share her bikini outfits with her 15.3 Instagram followers. In one of many uploads, she rocked a black one-piece bikini as she enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach. The bikini had a plunging neckline which gave a view of her enticing cleavage.

The athlete's wavy hair was styled to the side as she gave a kneeling pose on the beach sand, putting her curvy element on full display while she enjoyed a beauty hour at the beach. Many fans commented on her stunning look, with a fan commenting, "You are all kinds of beautiful," adding a fire and love emoji. 

Sandy Beach Bum

Aly raisman
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The former professional athlete enjoys rocking one-piece swimsuits but does not limit her choices to it. On another of her Instagram posts, Aly donned a black two-piece bikini while posing for Sports Illustrated.

The bikini top had cutout details at the top and a unique back. She gave a very captivating pose on the beach, soaking up the evening sun and displaying her sandy beach bum. The upload featured two slides, with the second slide showing her in a pink one-piece bikini while stepping into a pool. 

Adjusting To New Workouts

Aly raisman
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After Aly retired from gymnastics, she had to rediscover the best way to train her body. In an interview with PEOPLE, the former gymnast shared how she struggled with fatigue and anxiety after professionally competing in 2016. Looking back at her career and all the years of intense training, she explained the struggle she went through with not understanding what her body needed.

The only workout that has been able to help in her wellness journey was Pilates. She was first introduced to it by her mom Lynn when she was young. She incorporated some elements of Pilates during her gymnastics career and continues practicing it today since it helped her find her footing again. Raisman now shares her love for fitness with her fans by partnering with Club Pilates. 

Adopting A Rescue Puppy

Aly raisman
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The retired athlete has been busy with her rescue puppy, Mylo, which she adopted to have a companion during her distance walks. After reaching out to a couple of rescue shelters, someone finally sent her a picture of Mylo.

Raisman explained she and her mom drove to Rhode Island, and it was love at first sight, "Literally, within a couple of minutes, I knew I wanted him." She continued, "He was super loving and sweet. It was just like one of those things where it just felt like the right decision and I'm very happy I have him."