Amelia Gray Hamlin Stuns In Silk Minidress

Close up of Amelia gray Hamlin
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Daughter of reality TV star Lisa Rinna, Amelia Gray Hamlin, turned 21 last week and celebrated her birthday in style. The model already made a name for herself after booking some of the most talked-about fashion shows on the previous season's runway shows.

She also landed Magazine covers and centerfolds, the latest of which was The Perfect Magazine. Amelia had the privilege of working with Pat McGrath and other fashion geniuses leading her to consider the experience the best day of her life.

Building Her Modeling Portfolio

Amelia Gray Hamlin in short dress
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Amelia wore a nude silk minidress with a V-cut neckline and thin straps for sleeves paired with bright-colored accessories. She wore a purple arm-length pair of gloves and hot pink stiletto pantaboots with her black hair let down to her back in a center part. The pantaboots made her long, toned, legs appear longer, while the gloves made her arms look slimmer.

Celebrating Adulthood

Amelia joked about turning 16 in her caption as she shared her all-pink princess look on her birthday. The model wore a low--waist mini skirt and t-shirt, revealing her defined ab lines through the space in the middle.

She accessorized her cute look with black Adidas sneakers and half-length white socks. Then wore a feather headband on her black hair topped with black sunglasses to compliment her sneakers. Amelia is still rocking her bleached blonde eyebrows, which make them appear non-existent.

Sweet Sixteen Slumber Party

Amelia had "the slumber party of her dreams" with her best friends the night before she turned 21. Se shared the pictures on her Instagram showing 1.2 million people her all-black outfit with a ribbon reading "Sweet Sixteen," even though that was five years ago.

For the main party, she went out with Julia Fox wearing a skimpy pink bra held with a gold chain link and thin straps in a low-waist mini skirt suit. She parted her black hair into three and tied it in a long straight ponytail at the base of her head.

Reliving Her Y2K Fashion Moment

Amelia lived out her Y2K fashion moment at the beach during her birthday weekend. On Friday, she wore a midi jean skirt with a front slit and bold buckle belt paired with a cropped tank top and her Adidas sneakers.

She influenced her friends to bleach their eyebrows too, and it appears the new style is becoming a trend after Kendall Jenner made it a Fashion Statement at the just-concluded Met Gala.