How To Keep The Conversation Going With Your Date

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Salma Ahmed

One of the things that can ruin your first date or future relationship with your date is the awkward silence when none of you know what to say next.

Of course, starting at each other can be considered romantic sometimes, but when it's caused by not knowing what to say then it's definitely not romantic.

We are going to give you some tips that will help you keep the conversation going with your date. You can thank us later!

Only Ask Good Questions

Two people on a date smiling
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The first step to keep the conversation going is by asking good questions that will leave no room for small talk.

Amber Lee, CEO & Certified Matchmaker at Select Date Society says, “Make sure that you avoid questions with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Instead, ask open-ended questions that give your date an opportunity to talk freely. For example, don’t ask ‘Do you like your job?’ Ask, ‘What do you like most about your job?' ”

To make sure you got the idea about open-ended questions, you can check Muscle and Fitness’s 50 questions.

So start your conversation with these types of questions and you will successfully keep the conversation going.

Focus On The Body Language

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Now you and your date are still getting to know each other and you try to keep the conversation going by asking the questions we just recommended, but here is the twist, some of these questions can actually stop the conversation suddenly and end your date earlier than what you hoped for.

This is not because they are bad questions, but it’s because you don’t know the entire history of your date yet and one of the questions you asked could trigger a bad memory.

The best way to avoid that is to focus on their body language and before you ask, no, you don’t need to be an expert in body language. You only need to see if they started looking around, shaking, sweating, shaking their legs, and so on.

All of these will indicate that you opened an uncomfortable topic for your date and this is what you need to notice to change the topic at once.

Prepare Before The Date

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We understand that some of us could be set up for a blind date and you don't have a lot of information about their lives, but that doesn't mean that you couldn't use the small amount of information that you already know or could gather about them before the date.

You could use this small information to prepare some open-ended questions regarding them so you won’t have to think about what to ask during the date.

Notice Your Facial Expressions

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One thing that can ruin the conversation is when you show a facial expression that is fit for the topic at hand.

So you can’t be grinning when your date is talking about a sad topic. You also shouldn’t appear nervous or show a judging look.

The solution here is to notice the type of facial expression you have or maintain a natural one throughout the conversation.

Be Honest And Curious

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Your date will be only excited about the conversation if you are excited as well. Looking bored won’t get you any points or make you look attractive!

Ladies actually prefer men who appear passionate about what they are talking about. It won’t also harm if you were honest in your answers and opinions because honesty is the best policy to know whether you and your date are compatible or not.

Make sure to also be curious about your date and their life because if they notice that you don’t care about them or what they are saying then you will be saying bye-bye to both the conversation and your date.

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