Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson Tell Embarrassing High School Stories

Erin Andrews
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Ernesto Cova

We've all been in high school and know what it's like. It can be the best years of your life or turn into hell in the blink of an eye. That's just how being a teenager is.

Also, things can get especially tough for you if you're on the wrong end of a prank, as happened to NFL broadcaster Erin Andrews.

Thompson Was A Mean Girl

Charissa Thompson
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In the latest episode of the 'Calm Down' podcast with Andrews and Charissa Thompson, the girls shared some embarrassing stories from high school.

First, Thompson admitted to being slightly misbehaved and TPing the house of a girl she and her friends didn't like back then:

“So, I TP’d a house in high school of a girl who was a sophomore and we were seniors,” Thompson said. "She was dating our friend Ryan, and we did not like her."

She Apologized For Her Actions

Charissa Thompson
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Thompson went on to tell the story in detail. Looking back, she realized that she was wrong and that it was an unpleasant thing to do, even apologizing to the girls' parents:

"So we all, we had like a group called ‘the black book club’ and we all TP’d her house. And it was very mean when I look back on it, because now being a homeowner, I do not want anyone to violate the home. So I apologize to Stephanie Daper’s parents, if you are out there listening,”

Andrews Was Embarrassed By Her Mom

Erin Andrews
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Unlike her co-host, Andrews was actually on the wrong end of a TP story. Apparently, her crush and his friends pranked her and TP'd her home and her mother. Well, let's just say she didn't take things lightly at all:

“So, the boy I liked in high school, their whole crew that I hung out with, they TP’d my house one night, and I was kind of hurt by it,” Andrews said. “My mom [was] pissed. My mom called their parents and made them take it down and it was chilly and she was spraying them with the hose. And I was so embarrassed. I didn’t come out of my room. I was mortified," Andrews added.

It's All In The Past

Erin Andrews
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We've all done and gone through things we're not exactly proud of. If we could turn back time, we wouldn't do the same things and make the same mistakes.

But hey, you know what they say: Kids will be kids. And while that behavior shouldn't be condoned by any means, sometimes the only way to learn and grow is by making mistakes.