'I'm The Worst Auditioner': Jennifer Aniston Confesses To Sebastian Stan

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In a recent episode of Actors on Actors hosted by Variety and presented by Apple TV+, Jennifer Aniston sat down with Sebastian Stan. They had a warm, candid conversation regarding their acting careers and current projects.

As they shared their experiences, Sebastian joked about going into auditions with a "please hire me" mindset, to which Jennifer groaned and confessed to dreading auditions. "I was terrified of it...I would walk into that room just shaking," she said. "It's a shock I ever got hired," she added. However, this didn't seem to hinder her acting prowess from being displayed.

Early Days And Growth

Ms. Aniston elaborated on her fear, revealing that her very first job was on a commercial for Bob's Big Boy -- a restaurant chain with several locations in California -- and this was because she was "her own worst enemy" going into auditions and resulted in her not getting roles.

This jinx was short-lived, though, as she went on to feature in one of -- and some would argue -- the best series to grace television in Friends. It was a hit in the 90s and a classic now, even presently being one of the most-watched series of recent times.

Admiration For The Craft Of News Hosting

Currently, the Friends actress is working on the Apple TV+ Drama series The Morning Show, where she plays Alex, an anchor of a breakfast news program. While speaking with the marvel actor, she mentioned how difficult it is to emulate the life of a news host because of the various sacrifices and challenges the individuals make.

"It's a very strange like nocturnal existence," she said, following Mr. Stan, who was sharing his amazement of how the day of a morning show host starts at three in the morning. "25 years, some of them have been doing this, and you have to love that job a lot". She looked to female journalist trailblazers Diane Sawyer and Gayle King for inspiration.

Admiration For Sebastian

During the sit-down, Jen also learned of her counterpart's story and how Sebastian -- a born and raised Romanian -- eased his way onto the screen and, contrary to her, relished auditions.

Before appearing as the Winter Soldier in Marvel's Captain America, he had already been on heavy-hitting productions such as the teen and YA hit Gossip Girls and his debut role in Law and Order.

The Morning Show

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Aniston's series The Morning Show already has two seasons, with a third one upcoming with a release date that is yet to be announced. The series is available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ and is accessible to Apple TV+ subscribers at no extra cost. The series also stars Hollywood greats Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon.

Jennifer has added to her accolades through the show, being nominated and winning a few of the categories at the SAG, Golden Globes, and Primetime Emmy Awards.