NBA News: Steve Kerr Is Confident The Warriors Will Win Game 6

Steve Kerr
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Ernesto Cova

The Golden State Warriors made a big statement in Game 5. Despite Steph Curry having his worst game of the NBA Finals, they still managed to get a double-digit win over the Boston Celtics to get a 3-2 lead in the series.

But the job's not done and they know better than to be overconfident as they travel to hostile TD Garden.

Kerr Is Proud Of His Team

Steve Kerr
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It's not every day that Steph Curry goes 0/9 from the three-point range. In fact, it was the first time in his career that he doesn't knock down a triple in a playoff game. Still, Steve Kerr credited his team for pulling together and getting the win:

"Unbelievable job. I could literally go around every single one of you guys and just tell you how amazing you were," the coach told the media. "That was a total team effort, especially as they came and punched us in the mouth."

Dubs Will Win On The Road, Says Kerr

Steve Kerr
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The Warriors are one win away from another ring and won't let it slip right through their fingers. That's why Kerr all but guarantees they'll leave TD Garden with the win:

"We're going to get this in Boston," Kerr said. "We're going to finish this in Boston, okay? Whatever Steph said yesterday, it still applies, right?. Tomorrow we get our rest and get on the plane and go get everything you need done, treatment-wise, migration, eat well, take care of it. You take all that stuff lock-in."

Steph Curry Stands By Draymond Green

Draymond Green
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For that to happen, they'll need a better performance from Draymond Green, who's struggled on both ends of the floor for most of the series. Even so, Curry stands by him and gives him credit for helping the team make it that far:

"In a situation like this series where things are not as smooth and you have some rough patches, he finds a way to respond with the right energy and approach and toughness that, if you're watching the game, you notice him at all times because he's kind of everywhere," Curry said. "We need that grit. We are not in the Finals without him playing at such a high level all year long, the first three series."

Is Banner Time In The Bay

Stephen Curry
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Peopled counted the Warriors out after two years of not making the playoffs, but they didn't go anywhere.

Their championship core is tailor-made for this situation and now all pressure is going the Celtics' way, as they have their backs against the wall.

They still need to win and that will be easier said than done, but it's hard to put your money against the Dubs in this situation.