How To Keep The Conversation Going

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Ingrid Vasquez

Are you looking to find the spark again in your relationship or love interest? Do you have a hard time keeping the conversation going? This is what you need to know.

Use Open-Ended Questions

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Start an actual conversation with your partner or love interest. Don't just ask if work went well or if they are hungry. Ask them detailed questions about their work environment or what they would like to eat. A question that will call for a yes or no answer is a closed question. An open-ended question calls for a response that will lead to a conversation.

Don't Wait To Connect

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Whether it is a love interest or a partner, connecting is important. Make sure to text or call your partner before you start your day. If you are married or living together, make sure to talk to them before each of you goes off to your respective job. It is important to not wait till the end of the day to connect or wait until "you have time." It's something that needs to become part of your day.

Show That You've Been Listening

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When you speak to your partner, listen to what they want, need, and/or are going through. Is your partner or romantic interest stressed at work? Are they tired of having to do everything at home? Plan a family day or an activity together. Listen and incorporate what they need or are interested in next time you are together.

Put Your Phone Away

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Make every moment count. Put your phone away. Nothing is less valuable or unintentional if you are with your partner or love interest but are on your phone the entire time. This simple action will convey interest and attention. It will also help you grow as a person also! According to INC., research shows that your smartphone could negatively affect your sleep and drain your brain.

Share The Good And The Bad

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Don't be afraid to be vulnerable with your partner or love interest. Honesty will make you grow closer as friends and a couple. According to, keeping an honest relationship boosts trust for your partner, reduces their stress, promotes a healthy relationship, and calls for respect. By being honest in a relationship, the conversation will keep going in your relationship without you trying. It will become a standard and fuel growth and intimacy.

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