WWE News: Randy Orton Shows Support To Riddle's New Teammate

Randy Orton
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Jon Conahan

WWE Superstars Randy Orton and Matt Riddle both have not been competing together because Randy Orton is currently taking a break from the WWE. In Randy Orton's absence, Matt Riddle decided to add Shinsuke Nakamura as his teammate.

Many people imagined that this was going to be tough for Randy Orton to deal with just because he and Matt Riddle are best of friends, but that wasn't the case.

Are The RK Bro Done?

Randy Orton
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No, the RK-Bro duo is nowhere near done. They did end up losing their Raw Tag Team title to the Uso's, who made history by becoming the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. However, Randy Orton is just currently on a break and Riddle had to find a temporary teammate to take his place.

Riddle notes that Orton is excited for Riddle and that's great to see.

"I have spoken to Randy, and he is doing quite well. He is in high spirits if you will and he is just happy that me and Shin are finding success and we are going to bleed The Bloodline dry."

When Will They Fight Next?

Randy Orton
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Nakamura and Riddle will be wrestling again sometime in the near future. Both of them seem to love each other, with Nakamura having some encouraging words for the new duo.

Nakamura said, "We have a similar background and we train together sometimes. So, yeah, it's just the beginning."

"Yeah, it's just the beginning. We have done MMA together, and we are extremely compatible in the ring. This is good. There is a little language barrier, but me and Shin, we work with our bodies so we can talk to each other in other ways," added Riddle.

What Have Orton and Riddle Won?

Randy Orton
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Both Randy Orton and Riddle have found plenty of success individually throughout their career, but they've also found an immense amount of success as a duo. Both of them won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship twice.

Once Randy Orton gets back from this small break that he's currently on, it would make sense if they end up winning even more.

When Is Randy Orton Coming Back To The Ring?

Randy Orton
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It's still uncertain when Randy Orton is going to return to the wrestling ring. People are saying that he's taking just a small break, while others think this could be a longer break than most are thinking. However, there hasn't been a confirmed answer and we're just going to have to wait and see.