NBA News: Draymond Green Is Sick Of Tall Players Being Compared To Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

Kevin Durant is one of a kind. He's got an unprecedented combination of size, length, handles, and shooting skills; something we had never seen in the NBA.

He's tall enough to shoot over every single player on Earth. He's got the smoothest jump shot in the game and can create his own shot or facilitate for others like a point guard.

People Always Compare Skinny Tall Guys To Durant

Kevin Durant
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That's why fans and analysts have been so adamant to find 'the new KD'. That makes them compare nearly every tall and skinny player with him, which Draymond Green feels it's blasphemous:

“When Kevon Looney was coming out of high school, people were comparing him to Kevin Durant. Now, I always get mad when people just compare tall, skinny guys to Kevin Durant because that’s what everyone wants to do, they look at a physique, they say ‘Oh, man! That guy’s tall and skinny, he can handle the ball… Boom! That’s Kevin Durant!’ And I think it is the absolute worst thing that people can do in basketball," Green stated.

Durant Deserves More Respect

Kevin Durant
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Durant is on a tier on his own and his skillset goes way beyond his physical traits, which is comparing tall and lanky shooters with him is unfair:

"You don’t just compare people to Kevin Durant because of stature because the reality is, Kevin Durant is arguably the most talented and skilled basketball player that we’ve ever seen in NBA history,” Green said.

KD Is The Ultimate Cheat Code

Kevin Durant
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Green went on to say that Kevin Durant is the player you put together when you're playing video games, urging people to just cut it out already:

“We have not seen someone 7 feet, dribbles the ball like a point guard, shoots the ball like a two-guard, post-up like a 3 and 4, and can protect the rim like a 5. We’ve never seen this before. It’s like if you went into a lab and they say ‘Hey you can create a player,’ you’re going to create a player that’s Kevin Durant," Green added. "You’re going to create a guy that’s 6’10” to 7 feet, somewhere in there, that can dribble, shoot, pass. That’s what you’re going to create on NBA 2K. I used to do it as a kid, it was Kevin Durant.”

His Legacy Shouldn't Be Up For Debate

Kevin Durant
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As great as he is, people will always try to take something away from KD, and that's a big mistake.

Yeah, he made some questionable decisions throughout his career, but it's not like he was handed anything out. He earned those two rings and Final MVPs trophies.

So, even if Durant never wins or even makes it to the Finals again, he's still one of the greatest scorers of all time, regardless of what his doubters say.