Kelly Ripa Shares Her Diet Secrets For A Healthy Physique

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Fatima Araos

Kelly Ripa details her diet secrets in a video shared by Harper’s Bazaar.

The 51-year-old host of Live with Kelly and Ryan is obsessed with healthy eating, and her talk with the magazine reveals just how extreme that obsession is. She spews out words like alkaline, probiotic, plant protein, and chia to describe what might be the cleanest diet you’ll ever hear.

If you want to know what ingredients and brands she uses, which diet trends she has followed, or just how addicted to health she is in general, read on.

Her Go-To Diets

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Ripa has been vocal for years about following the alkaline diet, which she credits for ridding her of pain and inflammation after sustaining some injuries back in 2015. The first thing she takes every morning is a glass of water mixed with Get Off Your Acid Daily Greens, a powder “for alkalizing your digestive system.”

She also reveals another food trend she obsessively followed in the past. “The avocado toast kick of 2015 to 2017 was two years where avocado toast was pretty much the foundation of my diet, and I had it with just about every meal,” she says.

Big On Vegetables

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The actress and talk show host still includes avocado in her current diet, using it to top her go-to brunch/lunch salad of microgreens, along with toasted nuts like pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, or cashews – “whatever I’m in the mood for,” she says.

She is huge on vegetables and has the same salad for dinner. She adds, “And then I have either mixed grilled greens or whatever’s in season,” to which she adds a plant protein, like grilled or fried tofu or tahini.

On Cheat Meals

Does Ripa indulge occasionally?

“I try not to have that many cheat meals because cheat meals lead to sort of a cheat lifestyle,” she says. While she’ll have cake on her birthday and cookies at Christmas (because “I’m a human being”), her idea of indulgence still involves healthy ingredients, like chocolate-covered almonds or cashews. She also says she’s been making a “delicious chocolate chia pudding.”


The former soap opera star also swears by Persona Nutrition, saying, “I have my Persona morning supplements, which is my foundational vitamin, my multivitamin, ginger, and my probiotic.”

Before going to bed at night, she has “a giant ginger turmeric tea” and then takes her evening Persona supplements, “which I’ve recently incorporated a CBD supplement into,” she reveals.