'RHOM' Divorce: Lenny Hochstein's Girlfriend Katharina Mazepa Claims Lisa Was 'Fully Aware' Of Their Relationship

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Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein claims she was "blindsided" by Lenny Hochstein's divorce announcement last week. But, according to Lenny's new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, she was "fully aware" that the two of them were dating prior to the plastic surgeon's confirmation last Monday.

Lisa And Lenny Hochstein Are Divorcing After 12 Years Of Marriage And Two Children

In a statement shared with Page Six on May 16, Lisa Hochstein expressed shock at her partner's decision to end their marriage and slammed his "reckless handling of the situation." However, in her own statement, Lenny Hochstein's new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, told Page Six that she and Lenny were both “going through divorces” and denied Lisa was out of the loop.

Katharina Mazepa Claims She Is Not The Reason For Lisa And Lenny Hochstein's Split

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"The reality is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our spouses for a while and are both going through divorces. I was informed Lisa was fully aware that he was going out with me,” the Austrian model told the outlet. “In fact, he is going to great lengths to protect his family and do right by everyone involved in this difficult process.”

According to Mazepa, she is “not the reason for their breakup” and would never pursue "a man who is happily married."

Lenny Hochstein Recently Went On His First Date With Katharina Mazepa

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Katharina's publicist also spoke out about the situation, saying that the couple bonded over their splits.

“Katharina made Lenny aware that she herself was navigating a divorce, and he made her aware that he was currently going through a separation and divorce as well,” the person, working for Social Acceleration Group, explained. “They are in the early stages of getting to know each other. They are both going through similar circumstances, and together they bonded over navigating their own divorces from their recent first date."

Lenny Hochstein Previously Denied He And Lisa Were Splitting

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“Lisa and I are getting divorced,” Lenny told Page Six during a phone call last week. “A few weeks ago, I denied this because I am trying my best to protect my family during this process."

"This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us,” he added.

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