What To Expect On 'The Circle' Season 4 Finale

The circle contestants screenshot form trailer
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Following what has been a rollercoaster ride, another season of The Circle is about to end, and fans are super excited. 

The ongoing season 4 of the popular Netflix series is set for its final episode. Fans have enjoyed the season, which featured a slew of new participants, loads of stunning twists, shocking blindsides, etc. 

Due to the crazy nature of this season's blockings, it is hard to tell how it will end. However, one certainty is that fans are in for a memorable ride when the season finale airs. 

Here is everything to know about The Circle's Season 4 finale. 

When Will The Season Finale Air?

Netflix has been releasing new episodes on Wednesdays throughout the season, and the season 4 finale will be no exception. The Circle season 4 finale will premiere on Netflix on May 25, 2022.

The Circle season 4 finale, like most Netflix Originals, will premiere at 3:01 a.m. ET. Hence, East Coast viewers will have to stay up late or get up early to find out who will win this season. However, West Coast viewers can see the show at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Is There A Reunion Episode? 

It is yet to be confirmed whether or not there will be a reunion episode for The Circle season 4. However, it is expected that Netflix will offer viewers another reunion special after the winner has been crowned.

Last year, Netflix posted the season 3 reunion program on YouTube two days after the conclusion, indicating that a season 4 reunion show could debut as soon as Friday, May 27, 2022.

Possible Winners

Fans know for sure that Rachel, Imani (aka Trevor), Frank, and Yu Ling will all be fighting for the $150,000 grand prize in the season 4 finale. They will be joined by either Everson or Nathan (aka Alex). However, it is not certain which contestants will be eliminated shortly before the finals and which will emerge finalists. 

Best Netflix Series?

Without a doubt, Netflix has done a fantastic job extending its inventory of original programming in recent years. This has resulted in the debut of some genuinely incredible reality television shows.

Netflix released fresh seasons of several new and returning reality shows in 2021, of which The Circle is arguably the best of the bunch. 

As the show's fourth season comes to a close on May 25, 2022, fans are eager to know who the new winner will be.