Miley Cyrus Reveals Dolly Parton Communicates With Her Via Fax

Miley Cyrus
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Ashabi Azeez

Miley Cyrus spilled the beans about her godmother Dolly Parton's preferred mode of communication. The pop star revealed Parton still communicates through fax despite the fact that she has a phone. During a Monday night appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Miley made this revelation.

Dolly Still Uses Fax

Dolly Parton
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During the Late Night With Seth segment, the 29-year-old Wrecking Ball crooner revealed that she continually received faxes from the 76-year-old while also discussing the irony of them appearing in a T-Mobile commercial about 5G phones for Super Bowl LVI earlier this year. Cyrus told host Seth Meyers that the advert was far from Parton's reality; the Jolene singer rarely uses a phone. Receiving regular faxes from her goddaughter made Cyrus fanned her need to step up her communication game.

Writing About Technology

Dolly Parton
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The Midnight Sky performer told a story about a time when Parton wrote an unrealistic song about her use of technology, sending it to her via several outdated formats. When asked about her performance of Parton's 1977 track Light of a Clear Blue Morning on an episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Elon Musk last year, Cyrus revealed that it was a last-minute request from creator Lorne Micheals. She also revealed that after the performance, she received feedback from Dolly via fax. "Yes, I got fax. And she loved it, and she loves when I introduce my fans to music in a way that's still me," she said.

An Unbreakable Bond

Dolly Parton
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Although Parton and Miley are a generation apart, they share an unbreakable bond. When Dolly showed up as a guest on an episode in the first season of Hannah Montana in 2006, many were surprised to see her on a tween show, but she has a connection with Miley, the star of the show. "I've known her since she was a baby," Dolly told Good Morning America in 2009. She revealed that she was asked to be her godmother by her father, who is a friend of Dolly's. While the "9 to 5" singer doesn't have children, she said that she has indeed treated the young singer-actress as her own, and they have become so close that they turn to each other for musical collaborations.

Working Together

Dolly Parton
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Their first professional project together was on Hannah Montana. Dolly showed up on the show as Miley's character's aunt Dolly for three episodes from 2006 to 2010. The young star loved having her godmother around and revealed that it was one of her proud moments. The duo shares great love and admiration for each other. The proud godmother has had great confidence in Miley's future from the onset. One of the most talked-about moments between the godmother and goddaughter was when 17-year-old Miley showed off her vocal capacity in a duet on Parton's 1973 hit song 'Jolene' for the 25th anniversary of the Dollywood theme park in 2010.