Ex-UFC Star Paige VanZant Offers Rear View In Lingerie

Paige VanZant close up
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Jon Conahan

Former MMA fighter Paige VanZant put the world in a frenzy earlier in the week when she dropped some stunning photos on Instagram.

Paige is an American mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, author, and model. She is a model for a few different companies, with these photos being from one of her most recent shoots.

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What Did Paige Post?

Paige VanZant speaking into mic
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The post that she put on Instagram showed off a new set of lingerie. She looked stunning in all of these photos but also showed off her incredible strength as a female fighter.

Not only is she training hard for her next bare-knuckle card on June 16th at Alexandra Palace, but she's also dropping the content that many fans want to see as she's known for being one of the best-looking MMA fighters that have ever stepped foot in the ring.

How Has Paige Fought In Her Career?

Paige was able to find a decent amount of success in her MMA career. She went 8-5 in the UFC and also had some impressive wins over some worthy opponents. She got to fight on some of the biggest cards throughout her years in the MMA, which goes to show that not only is she beautiful, but she has talent inside the ring.

In her current bare-knuckle world, she's currently 0-2 but doesn't seem to be worried about that record with some of her recent comments.

"I can say, looking back at my last two fights, I was never dominated, I was never in a position where I was uncomfortable. I can pride myself knowing that I have got better and better and my boxing continuously is getting better. ’ve had some very close, tough, hard-fought fights with some very talented women. I’m excited to go out there and do that again."

What Other Shoots Has She Done?

Paige has done multiple other shoots throughout her modeling career including one of her most recent ones where she did a shoot firing a gun while wearing a lace corset.

She was seen at a shooting range in her high heels and corset, which also had fans happy.

When Is Paige VanZant's Next Fight?

Paige VanZant
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Her next fight is going to be on June 16th in London. It's uncertain at the moment how she's going to look in this fight considering that she didn't have a great beginning to her new career, but if her UFC days can transfer over to this type of setting, she should be able to figure it out sooner rather than later.