Paris Hilton Takes The Vintage Look To The Next Level In Swimsuit Photos

Paris Hilton
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Triston Brewer

The socialite turns on the glam in gorgeous black and white photography for her social media followers!

Paris Hilton, The Original Reality Queen!

Before anyone else was racking up fans on television, Paris Hilton was breaking ground and new territory as undisputably the first true queen of reality television. Now considered the genre's halcyon days, she used her fame from her many shows to catapult her into the big leagues.

Now closing in on billionaire status like her bestie Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton has maintained a huge platform across her social media accounts. Her Instagram is at 18.8 million followers and counting. And to top it all off, her fashion sense has kept her fans wanting more, and she is known for whipping out a hot bikini photo whenever the mood hits her!

In one striking black and white photo, Hilton is a breath of fresh air in a vintage Dior one-piece bikini that simply captivates. Her short spiky hair and look into the camera make the photo a masterpiece and a vintage look for the blonde star.

Paris Began Her Fashion Reign Over 20 Years Ago!

Paris Hilton
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When first entering the celebrity life in full during the early 2000s, Paris was primarily known for her last name and family fortune. But very soon, alongside her best friend on The Simple Life, Nicole Richie, she became the hot topic of conversation nearly every day on social media to her savvy fashion sense and knowledge of how to properly attack a red carpet or runway.

These days, she has made the bulk of her fortune by representing brands and wearing the latest looks from just about every top-tier brand on the market today. From Versace to Gucci, Prada to Dolce & Gabbana, no label has escaped Paris’ reign!

Now a seriously grown woman at the age of 41, she shows no signs of slowing down and has only expanded her empire as a television and movie star, model, brand ambassador, DJ, and mogul to the max! Paris is a global phenomenon now, and it cannot be denied!

Paris & Her Famous Family Members

Paris Hilton
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Aside from Paris Hilton, there are other celebrities in her family that people are very aware of. They too have become reality stars after taking a cue from Paris’ riches-to-more riches tale.

Alongside her sister Nicky Hilton, there is also their mother, Kathy Hilton, who is now a certified Real Housewives lady, and also aunt Kyle Richards, herself a Housewife that has always brought the storylines for fans. The Hiltons are everywhere, and fans can’t seem to get enough of the ladies in the family!

Paris Fights The Good Fight In Washington!

Of late, Paris has turned towards more serious issues as she recently went to the White House to speak out against child abuse. Herself a victim as a teenager, Hilton was in Washington to speak to state and national advocates to ensure youth rights nationwide in residential programs and schools.

By sharing her own story, Paris has made it easier for others to come forward and share their truth. After all these years, Paris has taken her celebrity to the next level, and for a good cause!