Surfer Malia Manuel In Bikini Enjoys Hawaiian Sunset

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Hawaiian surfer, Malia Manuel, enjoyed a cold refreshing canned drink under the sunset in a bikini. She joins a host of other celebrities slowly easing into the summer season as the weather turns warmer. From her caption, 246,000 Instagram fans learn that she was holding a non-alcoholic beer.

"Hawaiian sunsets with the new @athleticbrewing LITE. My new favorite, it’s so light and refreshing🤍," she wrote.

Campaign For Athletic Brewing

Malia Manuel surfing
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Manuel joined the theme for a beach campaign shoot switching up her swimwear style from bikinis and coverall shirts to sarongs and jackets. The athlete asked her fans where the brew had taken them while sharing the montage of her brew journey across the ocean. One enthusiastic user replied saying, "To a bachelor's degree," while another commended the Brew saying, "The new athletic Lite is legit 🍻." One witty user also said, "Whoa where you stay Oahu."

Manuel Enjoys A Fresh Brew Under The Sunset

Manuel wore a plain black bikini featuring a U-shaped top and full thin-strapped bottoms inside a striped nude and black shirt. She unbuttoned the shirt, showing off her surf-toned body with her long wavy hair swept to the side. Manuel wore a bright smile to compliment her thin-chain necklace and G-shock wristwatch.

Manuel also promoted the Sunset Stoke saying it's real in a matching blue bikini plus Sarong with her normally full locs sleeked down in a wave.

Catching A Massive Wave

Manuel shared a video of one of her surf days showing herself riding a massive wave to victory. She noted that the camera didn't capture her drop, so she asked the fans to please share any videos they made with her.

Since winning the US Open of Surfing in 2008 as the record-making youngest and later Rookie of the Year award in 2012, Manuel has maintained her position as number one in the USA.

Moving On To WA, Australia

Malia Manuel on surfboard in water
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Manuel posed in a skintight surfing suit showing off her slender physique on her way to cleanse her spirit before the big WSL game last month.

"Cleansed our spirits at a traditional smoking ceremony yesterday to offer gratitude to the ancestors of this land and to walk with clear intentions while we’re visiting," she wrote.

The 28-year-old ensures she stays connected to her root and ancestry. Unfortunately, she didn't make the cut for the Women's CT. However, Manuel isn't letting that stop her as she continues towards the WA in Australia.