Taylor Swift's Cat's Alleged Net Worth Revealed

Taylor Swift
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Bryce Cameron

Today's society is filled with a world of crazy cat lovers, but one celebrity lovers her feline companions more than anyone else. Taylor Swift has never been shy about her adoration for her three cats. Her TikTok frequently features her furry friends with whom the world has fallen in love.

In 2014, Taylor got a new fluffy cat named Oliva Benson after Mariska Hargitay's legendary "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" character. However, the recent news regarding her alleged net worth has left Taylor fans across the world completely shook. This cat is RICH.

Oliva's Shocking Net Worth

Taylor Swift
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It's no secret that Taylor herself is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. With that success comes a massive fortune to match it. However, her cat Olivia might match or even surpass her owner if her alleged net worth is true.

According to the 2018 Pet Rich List, Oliva has the third-highest net worth of any domesticated cat. The cat's amassed fortune can be attributed to appearances in Taylor's music videos. Oliva has also appeared in various commercials for companies like Coke, which yielded a hefty profit.

If that's not crazy enough, Oliva also makes money from her own clothing line on Taylor's official website. Say what you want about Taylor Swift (and people do), but she knows how to market herself and anything tied to her name to maximize profits.

Taylor's Other Furry Companions

Taylor Swift
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Oliva isn't the only feline companion that Taylor currently owns. Over the years, Taylor's demonstrated her adoration for her other two cats as well. The oldest, Meredith, is named after Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy. The youngest, Benjaman, is named after the reverse aging character Benjamin Button.

Taylor frequently displays her love for all three cats across her social media channels. Most notably, they are heavily featured on her semi-recent TikTok channel. Many of Taylor's videos on TikTok are dedicated to her three lovable cats.

Taylor's Over The Top Love Of Cats

Taylor's love of cats goes beyond just owning them. Taylor took her cat obsession to the next level when she starred in the Broadway play "Cats" movie adaptation. Despite the movie being critically panned, Taylor enjoyed her role in the film and her time at "cat school."

Another example of Taylor's love of cats was seen on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Taylor infamously completed a skit with Ellen about being cat-obsessed women on public access television.