Ayesha Curry Reminisces Over Glamorous Moment With Stephen Curry

Ayesha Curry
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Triston Brewer

The television personality and entrepreneur is more than just a pretty face and wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

But it's hard not to appreciate her beauty! She recently posted a throwback photos of her and Stephen, saying, "Last years [sic] MET Gala look! We loved our @versace moment!"

Ayesha Is Mini-Mogul In Her Own Right

As her husband gradually works his way up to legendary status in the NBA, Ayesha Curry is also plotting world domination as a TV personality and entrepreneur. Many may know her through her Food Channel program as a host and also for her line of culinary products. After getting hitched to Curry in 2011, she took her love of cooking to the next level by launching a blog and YouTube channel.

Now with more than 7.5 million Instagram fans, it is clear that she is more than just a pretty face and wife of an athlete. In fact, she can boast of being an author and restauranteur as well. Clearly, the woman has the goods and has made it known that there is more than just one star in their household.

Ayesha Has Known Stephen Forever!

What most people don’t know about the couple is that Ayesha first met her NBA MVP husband when she was barely a teenager at the same church they were both members of in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both have ties to Canada and shared a passion for Canadian candy, but the interesting thing about the pair? They were not allowed to date because Ayesha was forbidden to do so while in high school. It seems that love still managed to find a way for the golden couple, however!

For The Real Answers, Ask Ayesha

There are many sports journalists that are trying to figure out Steph Curry’s long-term plans as he approaches his mid-30s in the NBA. As he continues to dodge the question time and time again, he has often mentioned that the person that factors most into his plans is none other than his wife, who ultimately will decide for the entire family when he hangs up his shorts with the Golden State Warriors. After 13 seasons and counting, the NBA baller has only had one home for his entire career, and it may be their only one if Ayesha has the final word!

Ayesha Sees The Big Picture

Stephen has alluded to Ayesha having a grand scheme in mind for the couple and all of their endeavors, but presently, only she seems to have the endgame in sight. The discussions between husband and wife appear to be constantly changing, and there have been many reporters that are now attempting to pry the answers from Ayesha directly. But with a few more years left on his contract, the world will have to wait around just a few years more until all is revealed. But make no mistake: Ayesha runs this!